AKILLIS presents its most extravagant creation: a high jewellery set composed of a bracelet (28.2 carats), a pair of earrings (29.8 carats), a ring (24.3 carats) and a necklace (73.8 carats) all made of the finest selection of Paraiba stones intricately arranged on white gold and white diamonds – a piece of wearable art bound to make your heart skip a beat…

Founder and designer, Caroline Gaspard, chose each single stone and imagined them in a lively arrangement inspired by the heartbeat. The soft and circular-shaped stones often used in traditional high jewellery pieces are set in a geometrical shape that symbolizes the rhythmic beat of the heart. A surprising yet almost obvious association for Gaspard, whose never afraid to mix tradition and innovation.


The Heartbeat high jewellery set represents love at first sight, the feeling when you are struck with an irresistible attraction towards someone or something. On the necklace, the vivid stones enhance the figure, while the precious heartbeat shape is positioned on the left, close to the heart…

The full set of jewels is composed of a hundred Paraiba stones; each one unique with its own shade of colour going from turquoise to green, its own shape and size.

Creating such meticulous pieces of wearable art required the work of AKILLIS’ best artisans, who worked for 300 hours to obtain perfection imagined by the AKILLIS design. Handmade in France, the tourmalines Paraiba high jewellery is made in limited edition.


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