Bridesmaid Gifts To Suit Every Budget

With wedding season in full swing, it is no doubt brides across the country are looking for the perfect bridesmaid gifts for their loved ones for their special day. As a bride-to-be, there will be an endless list of things you need to plan, and while bridesmaid gifts aren’t always required, these sentimental gifts never go unappreciated. 

That’s why luxury jewellery brand 7879 has compiled a list of the perfect jewellery to gift your bridal party this wedding season with tips on how best to go about choosing the right ones. Choosing jewellery for your bridesmaid’s gift is also the perfect way to accessorise your bridesmaids on your wedding day just the way you like.

Search demand in Google continues to rise when it comes to the search term “bridesmaid gift” seeing an 8% increase this year in comparison to the previous year. More and more people are looking for sentimental pieces when it comes to gifting their bridal party whether it is a keepsake, something to wear, or just something little to show the bridesmaids are appreciated. “Bridal party gifts” has also seen an increase in search demand on Google by 6% over the last 12 months. 

How much money do you need to spend on Bridesmaid gifts?

A bridesmaid gift does not necessarily have to be extravagant, but at the same time, it is all down to the discretion of each individual. Just like any gift, it is simply a token of appreciation and will vary depending on the budget. It is always a nice idea to ensure you are choosing items that reflect your bridesmaid’s personality and tastes. 

7879 knows how important it is to ensure your special day is nothing short of perfect and should not define how you show appreciation to your loved ones. Offering 24K gold and pure platinum jewellery pieces, 7879 is a gender-neutral brand ensuring luxury and style is both encompassed into each jewellery piece, no matter how much it costs. 

Bridesmaid gifts under £300

Pure Platinum Coin Pendant

The Platinum Coin Pendant is a stunning piece of jewellery perfect for your bridal party, due to the simplistic but versatile design. This is an ideal sentimental gift that your bridesmaids can wear again and again, long after your special day. 

Price: £245.53

Pure Platinum Diamond Cut Curb Chain Bracelet 

The Diamond Cut Curb Chain Bracelet is ideal for any bridesmaid as it has been designed to be versatile and to go with any wedding day outfit. The bracelet can be worn as a single piece, or with added charms.

Price: £168.33 

24K Gold Mini Hoop Earrings

The 24K Gold Mini Hoop Earrings are the ideal subtle look for any bridesmaid. A sentimental piece that suits an array of people’s styles, these hoops are sure to be a favourite piece of your bridal party’s jewellery collection long after your special day. 

Price: £247.00

Bridesmaid gifts under £500

24K Gold Diamond Cut Cable Chain Necklace

The 24K Gold Diamond Cut Cable Chain Necklace is a stunning piece for any wedding day. The ideal gift for your bridal party thanks to the beautiful minimalist design that is suitable to be worn alone, or with a pendant, perfectly suited to any bridesmaid outfit.  

Price: £307.40

Pure Platinum Lock Pendant

Express the significance of your bridesmaids in your life by gifting the Pure Platinum Lock Pendant from 7879. The lock can represent anything from eternal friendship to luck and everything in between.

Price: £469.15 

Bridesmaid Gifts Under £1000

24K Gold Bullion Bar Pendant

The 24K Gold Bullion Bar Pendant is the perfect gift for your bridal party. Not only the ideal sentimental piece but the bullion bar is the perfect investment for your loved ones and will continue to increase in value long after the wedding is over.

Price: £879.17

24K Gold Liquid Metal Hoop Earrings

The 24K Gold Liquid Metal Hoop Earrings are the perfect choice for a bridesmaid gift in 2023. These timeless earrings offer a touch of luxury without taking away anything from the bridesmaid’s outfits. 

Price: £846.08

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