MKS Jewellery to Participate at the 11th Annual Abu Dhabi Art

We Are Words Woven, We Are Stories Told’

MKS Jewellery Set to Celebrate the UAE and the Art of Expression with their interactive installation at the 11th Annual Abu Dhabi Art

MKS Jewellery will join the 11th edition of Abu Dhabi Art taking place from November 21st to 23rd at Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi.

Sitting in the fair’s Initiatives section, the MKS Jewellery booth will exhibit a beautifully immersive experience that reflects on the UAE’s beautiful heritage and celebrates the fundamental instinct to self-express and the deeply ingrained love to tell a story.

Through a unique display of Emirati mother-of-pearl shells, the interactive hanging installation will encourage visitors to co-author love letters to the UAE by leaving personal sentiments and sharing poetic thoughts that embody their memories, hopes and dreams.

Participating in the brand’s collaborative and interactive installation on heritage storytelling and symbolism translated for the contemporary world, MKS Jewellery will be presenting unique poetry readings every day at 6PM by the members of Untitled Chapters, a community founded in 2011 for Emirati women writers of all ages and genres to share their passion for the written word.

From the perspective of a new generation of locally rooted creatives, MKS Jewellery shares the sentimental ideas, dreams and thoughts of the UAE, drawing inspiration from HRH Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan’s great grandfather, Al Otaiba, who is also the inspiration behind the brands new MKS Jewellery collection which will make its debut at the fair.

A tribute to the Year of Tolerance, the ‘We Are Words Woven, We Are Stories Told’ installation by MKS Jewellery is a coming together of innovative storytellers to not only celebrate the UAE and its heritage but to celebrate self-expression via poetry.

As poetry is one of the earliest forms of Arabic literature and one of the most historical means of self-expression, MKS Jewellery is keen to support its livelihood and celebrate its history.

MKS Jewellery is a brand that values self-expression and believes that jewellery is a unique way for people to tell their own story, share passions, thoughts, memories and experiences. The brands ethos means it is a natural proponent of poetry and the initiative is to build a strong sense of local community and nurture its creative storytelling spirit by offering a platform for poetry and written word artists to have their stories heard and brought to life.

Join MKS Jewellery at Abu Dhabi Art and be inspired to share your own story, a chapter to a larger story of who you are as a person, and who we are as a people.

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