Nina Runsdorf Stuns with her Iconic Flip Collection

The Flip Ring is Nina Runsdorf’s quintessential piece, the initial design that prompted her to start her namesake label.

The fine jeweler’s signature creation, the Flip Ring is carefully engineered to move with ease. With the natural movement of the wearer, the Flip Rings catch the light and transform the stones into gestures that are as mesmerizing as the woman who wears them. Each ring creates its own distinctive look so add to the allure by stacking Flip Rings together.

 Originally inspired by the mobile sculptures of Alexander Calder, the label’s iconic Flip Ring comes in several sizes that can be worn as unique, stackable pieces. Endlessly versatile, the three sizes  (mini, medium, large) can be made in bespoke combinations and come in an array of exceptional pear-shaped colored gemstones, including garnet, opal, amethyst, rose quartz and topaz.

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