French Perfume house Initio Launches Musk Therapy


 Metamorphic through scent

Dubai UAE — This April, luxury French perfume house, INITIO Parfums Privés will celebrate the latest addition to its collection of fragrances, Musk Therapy. Available across the Middle East, this formula for happiness revives the therapeutic nature of perfume.

Joyful and uplifting, Musk Therapy draws on the advances of neuroscientific research on olfaction and establishes a connection between certain smells and the physical and emotional state. INITIO Parfums Privés worked in close collaboration with laboratories to develop a “functional fragrance” that resulted in a fragrance with beneficial ingredients that arouse an immediate physiological and emotional response – to act as an alternative medicine for instant happiness.

A therapeutic encounter, Musk Therapy is an association of natural ingredients and molecules that have been curated to elevate the mind and body. Exuding authenticity, every note and accord is magnified by its raw materials, captivating the senses with natural beauty. Natural white sandalwood is used to promote wellbeing, alleviating stress, calming, and boosting self-confidence. Magnolia recomposed with hedione further heightens the olfactory narrative and is a quasi-pheromone, which activates the brain’s pleasure receptors. Furthermore, blackcurrant revitalizes and liberates with irresistible energy, and is enhanced by intensely sensuous, ultra-addictive white musks.

The result is a perfume that is a purely positive addiction. Musk Therapy speaks to the deepest part of the reptilian brain, creating an olfactory circuit that crosses one’s emotional terrain. The effect is subconscious but long-lasting. A bubble of release and wellbeing.




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