Surpassing the norm of following seasonal trends, Bthaina introduces a collection dedicated to occasion wear that can be worn anytime of the year. Inspired by Oman, this collection embraces Omani colors, patterns and traditions from a modern and contemporary angle. 

Mesmerised by the way city lights glitter in the night sky, Buthaina Al Zadjali has designed custom pieces incorporating the sparkle of Swarovski crystals. Fused with a variety of fabrics such as organza and velvet, each handcrafted piece portrays elegance and richness. Rich velvet exudes luster and softness whereas featherlight organza adds a touch of purity and elegance. Staying true to the inspiration, the color palette featuring classic Omani hues such as ecru, olive, dusty blue, white and black radiates a sense of royalty.

Referencing the silverwork market and the Omani influence on jewelry patterns and designs, Bthaina translates this inspiration onto flowy velvet kaftans. Layered golden threadworks fused with metallic shades offer ethnic designs that have been revived with a modern twist. Fully sequined dresses in gold and silver take centre stage emphasizing the richness of the collection.

Paying great attention to every detail from incorporating smooth, flowy fabrics to intricately embellished designs, Midnight Mirage transcends seasons while epitomizing the glamour within every woman.

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