In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, FOREO, the Swedish skin-tech powerhouse just released startling data showing that one in four women admitted to sleeping with their makeup on; and furthermore, another 60% wake up to 30 minutes earlier to re-apply makeup before their partner wakes.

FOREO breaks down in numbers the beauty habits of women when in a new relationship.

  • The survey found almost all women (91%) admitted that it takes between 2-4 months before they feel confident enough for their partner to see them with no makeup on.
  • A quarter (25%) of all women also revealed that they actively wear makeup to bed in an attempt to give the illusion of a ‘round the clock beauty’, while even over half (60%) shared that they wake up early just to reapply their makeup before their partner wakes up.
  • Surprisingly; men don’t seem to care about these things at all with 96% of participants surveyed said their partners are indifferent towards them wearing makeup (52%) and another 44% stating that their partner prefers them with no makeup on whatsoever.

Dalia Fernandez, FOREO Product Development Manager says: ‘’All women can probably relate to this as we have all felt some pangs of self-consciousness when in a new relationship. However, to find out that a huge percent of women actually wakes up earlier to ‘reapply’ makeup – this now crosses the boundaries to affecting health as getting enough sleep is also a huge part of keeping your skin healthy.

The sleep patterns aside, 56% of women also admitted they wear make up most days of the week, with 60% of them wearing makeup to feel pretty and more confident and according to another study, 1 in 20 men have never seen their partner without makeup at all.

 While the pressure for women to look a specific way and be reliant on makeup to feel confident are still very much evident, FOREO’s study concluded that the vast majority of participants actually do own a LUNA cleansing device. This shows that skincare is still at the forefront, even if they are not ready to ditch the makeup just yet. And what’s more surprising, 68% of them made claims that their partners often steal it They are not alone, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are known for sharing a LUNA device too, further adding fuel to the fire that ‘couples that cleanse together, stay together’.

FOREO is available in-store at Sephora across the Middle East, as well as Sephora online and ​

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