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Breaking the mould: Al Fardan Jewellery relaunches with a fresh contemporary identity

Breaking the mould: Al Fardan Jewellery relaunches with a fresh contemporary identity, chic new collection, and a revamped boutique directly opposite the stunning Abu Dhabi Corniche

Abu Dhabi, UAE – August 18, 2021 – Al Fardan Jewellery is proud to reveal its modern new look and fresh range of chic and high-end jewellery. Renowned across the region for its unique styles and quality bespoke pieces, the new collection is more inclusive and varied than ever before, boasting a whole assortment of stylish looks designed to appeal to all ages, budgets and tastes.

Specialising in beautiful gemstones, rare pearls and statement accessories, the family-run company handcrafts its own exquisite range of one-of-a-kind pieces, and provides the region’s fashion lovers with a carefully selected choice of brands from across the globe. As one of the Middle East’s leading jewellery retailers for almost 70 years, the rebranding honours the rich Emirati heritage of Al Fardan, whilst effectively bringing it up-to-date with current trends and providing a glimpse into its exciting future.

Home to one of the largest pearl collections in the UAE and with a long history in both pearl diving and production, pearls continue to play a key role in the new concept. However, whilst Al Fardan was previously associated with bold, statement pieces, the latest selection is sleeker, and more relevant to the present day. Not only that, but the logo has also been adapted to represent this new fusion of old and new influences. The original colours have been exchanged for more light and clean shades, whilst the Arabic calligraphy has been retained in acknowledgement of its regional roots and illustrious past.

As well as adapting an exciting new identity and a revamped boutique in the prestigious Nation Towers Mall, the forward-thinking retailer has marked its latest chapter by adding several new gorgeous brands to its offerings. This includes Hollywood-favourite Yeprem, which after being founded in Beirut in the 1960s is now making waves across the globe, and Guatemalan-inspired Alessa Jewelery, a brand that favours unique stacked bracelet styles. Finally, Al Fardan is delighted to become the first outlet in Abu Dhabi to introduce Repossi, the world-famous Italian jewellers, to the capital of the UAE. In addition, visitors to the gorgeous boutique store can browse products from anchor brands like Swiss watch manufacturer Corum, and luxury French jeweller Chaumet, a Paris-based business that has been crafting its refined accessories for more than 230 years.

With such a wide range of designs to choose from, the vibrant and sophisticated collection contains exquisite options suitable for all budgets, whether it’s for a personal treat, or a gift for a special occasion.

Hasan Fardan Al Fardan, CEO of Al Fardan Jewellery, and the main driving force behind the groundbreaking rebranding, said: “Myself and the rest of the team at Al Fardan are so excited to reveal the results of our groundbreaking transformation. By fusing modern styles with influences from our traditional Emirati heritage, we’re confident that we’ve created our best ever collection. We will be forever proud of our background and history, but we also want to build on the success of our original range, embrace international influences, and create innovative and dynamic pieces that make the wearer feel empowered, uplifted and unstoppable. We can’t wait to welcome in a whole new wave of customers, as well as our highly valued returning regulars, to our revamped store at Nation Towers Mall.”

Al Fardan Jewellery is open daily at Nation Towers Mall, from 10am to 10pm.

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