How to choose the perfect perfume for your wedding

Love is in the air

Fragrance is a major memory trigger, which is why it’s so important to find the perfect fragrance for you to wear on your wedding day. Whether you are hosting a small intimate affair, a lavish celebration for hundreds, or a destination wedding, Rasasi has the perfect scent to make your special day one to remember:

Summer wedding

Fragrances with a light citrus note and stronger minty nuances are perfect for a summer wedding. Go for softs florals and greens but try to avoid strong oriental and fruity fragrances.

Fragrance family: soft floral and greens

Recommended fragrance: FolkloryWardi



Outdoor wedding

Synonymous with warm Arabian hospitality, why not use oudh and bukhoor to transform your outdoor venue. Widely considered as a positive mood changer, burning incense has many benefits including creating uplifting energy, and they can be used to scent both yourself, your guests and the venue. Look for bukhoors scented with essential oils to create the perfect mood:

Rose to create a romantic, serene environment.
Patchouli to balance emotions and to lifts spirits
Saffron to invite happiness and alleviate stress
Citrus to create an uplifting energy

Fragrance family: Oudh

Recommended fragrance: RaqiyaAmbroxan: combining the sweetness of grey amber and zest of tea makes this contemporary incense ideal for an outdoor wedding and the citrus notes will create an uplifting energy.

Destination wedding

Planning an exotic destination or beach wedding? Then try white florals with a fruity combination, fougere (a lavender blend), yellow florals and marine accents, as warmer weather tends to highlight floral notes before evaporating quickly. For an evening perfume, go for carnal notes with dry woods and musky retentions.

Fragrance family: Fourgere, florals and marines

Recommended fragrances: Junoon Satin Pour Femme, Junoon Satin Pour Homme

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