The Offspring collection is characterized by organic, fluid lines, and an egg-shaped motif. Using interlocking shapes – the smaller one protected by the larger – the Offspring collection tells a clear story about the unbreakable power of love and inter-dependence.


Inspired by the unique bond between mother and child, these two connected shapes can symbolize the unbreakable ties of all your close relations: parents and children, siblings, close friends and loved ones and make for pieces you always carry a reminder of a loved one with you.

Available in gold, rose gold and silver, each piece is created to complement the other and are ideal to mix and match across the collection to achieve an even more personal expression within the Offspring universe.

Designer Jacqueline Rabun’s emotional and symbolic pieces have a timeless beauty that all allow familial bonds to also be celebrated as the jewellery is passed down from generation to generation.


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