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Mosaic Events makes Oman proud!

Recognized as one of the Top 10 Wedding Planners at International Hot Spots, Mosaic events brings the focus to Oman as one of the sought-after wedding locations.

Top 10 Wedding Planners at International Hot Spots

Organize a spectacular Indian wedding overseas with the best international wedding planners in the industry.

Celebrating your wedding at a destination is a splendored thing. You’re opening a whole new world to yourself and your guests – exotic landscapes, tantalizing cuisine, a foreign culture – it’s a mesmerizing kaleidoscope that takes the thrill of the revelries a notch higher.

We talked to some of best wedding planners around the world – visiting the most sought-after wedding locations from across the globe and have them show us the ins and outs of hosting a wedding there.

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Keeran The Wedding Planner (Bangkok/Thailand)

Keeran Baweja and Meghna Mirpuri

First Steps into Wedding Planning
We were in the army and I had multiple opportunities to organize fashion shows, flower arrangement and table-laying contests and the like. Not only did it bring my creativity to the fore, I honed my skills at handling logistics. So when I planned and executed my daughter’s wedding as Keeran The Wedding Planner, it became the talk of the town and that was the beginning of my new journey. I’d found my true calling.

It helps to have a Masters in Botany – I know my flowers!

Top three reasons to pick this destination
1. Accessibility! Wherever your guests are placed on the globe, they’ll find it easy to get here and it is especially convenient for those in India.
2. Huge repertoire of world cuisine and that includes the best of Thai and Indian! Food being one of the most important aspects of an Indian wedding this results in a win-win situation for the wedding party.
3. You will find a variety of landscapes and locations that are all geared up for Indian weddings.

Favourite Location
While every location in Thailand has a unique vibe to offer, we would pick Hua Hin and Phuket. Phuket with its pristine beaches and natural beauty is our favorite. It is one of the most romantic locations for a wedding. Moreover, the island boasts a range of accommodation options for all types and sizes of weddings. Its proximity to the international airport is a plus too.

Advice for Couples
Connect with a Thailand based planner. Start the conversation and communicate your expectations. We are here to answer all the questions you might have. Thais have a unique culture and way of working and planners based here understand that very well. The planner’s pre-established relationships with the vendors and hotels will help create a dream wedding for the couple.

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  • I Do Etc. (Bangkok/Thailand)

Devki Hemlani

First Steps into Wedding Planning
At the age of 19 I choreographed a fashion show that drew comparisons with those of Dior’s and was highlighted in the Bangkok Post. Encouraged, I continued planning smaller events and my horizons began to expand. I started helping couples plan their big day.

After I organized my eldest daughter’s four-day lavish wedding, a friend suggested I pursue this as a profession. I liked the idea and enrolled myself for a wedding planning course in San Diego. Eventually, I Do Etc came into existence.

Offerings of The destination
1. There is an excellent selection of 5-star hotel properties throughout Thailand.
2. Thai hospitality is legendary.
3. A destination wedding here is true value for money.

Favourite Location
Phuket very close to my heart, because there is so much that can be done including renting your own private island for exclusive parties. It immediately sets a romantic mood that is further accentuated by the stunning beaches. Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa is another favorite. Its proximity to Bangkok makes is a great option for couples who don’t want to fly in their guests from Bangkok.

Advice For Couples
Find a reliable and experienced local wedding planner who has a good reputation so you can concentrate on enjoying your wedding. Each wedding is special but with the convenience, warm hospitality and affordability, any wedding here is sure to be a hit when you choose the right team.


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Eventures Asia (Bali)

Vishal and Vanessa Lakhiani

First Steps into Wedding Planning
I stumbled into the field of wedding planning right after graduating in 2006 and knew that this is what I wanted to do. Vishal used to handle the hospitality department, i.e. – overseas guests management at his previous job during in-house events. He eventually decided he wanted to open his own event management company. We met and in 2011, Eventures was formed.

Top three reasons to pick this destination
1. It’s a holiday destination that sees a large number of visitors each year and Bali offers impeccable hospitality. It is ideal for couples who want their guests to feel completely relaxed.
2. As a popular wedding hub, vendors to cater to various wants and needs of clients, regardless of the size of the wedding, becomes easy.
3. There are plenty of hotels adept at handling Indian weddings and that makes it easier for couples and their families as well.

Favourite Location
Our recommended location would be Nusa Dua in Bali. It has a gorgeous beachfront and there are various 5-star resorts to pick from for a wedding. Most resorts in that area have beautiful chapels for international weddings and private beaches which are a great backdrop for a mandap.

Advice for Couples
Wedding planning is like shopping; couples will have various options to pick from, be it venues, planners or vendors. Plan ahead, get to know your options in detail and don’t rush into any decision. At the end of the day, pick the option that you are most comfortable with. It is one of the biggest days of your life and you want to be at ease with the options you have locked.

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Vivaah Weddings (Dubai)

Rahul Kumar and Arun Bablani

First Steps into Wedding Planning
When the events industry started to take shape in Dubai, we saw a lot of companies catering to a mixed bag of events. So we decided to create a niche and established Vivaah Weddings, a premier wedding planning and management company specifically catering to South Asian weddings. The journey has been wonderful. We have hosted many grand celebrations for families from around the world here in Dubai.

Top three reasons to pick this destination
1. With world-class infrastructure, iconic skyscrapers, a dazzling skyline and stunning resorts, the city has positioned itself as one of the best tourist and wedding destinations in the region. From the tranquility of the desert to the lively bustle of the old souks, Dubai offers a range of backdrops and moods to fit the needs of every wedding.
2. The city has to its acclaim some of the finest chefs in the world as well as some impressive entertainment artists.
3. The fact that it is only 3 hours away from India and offers hassle-free visas makes it a great choice for those looking at celebrating their big day with their family and friends.

Favourite Location
We’ve seen many clients opt for venues on The Palm for their celebrations as it gives them the feel of a destination wedding right outside the main city. With large resorts, iconic hotels, open lawns and beach spaces, the properties on The Palm are ideal for multiple days of celebrations. Thanks to the varied landscapes, it is possible to host different themed events and beat any feeling of monotony despite everything being in the same location.

Advice for Couples
We would definitely recommend a visit to the destination that you are planning to get married at in order to explore the different options available. Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of choice of venues and it can sometimes get too exhausting and overwhelming. Therefore it is necessary you spend enough time here to think about your options and narrow down your search. At Vivaah Weddings, we offer our clients walkthroughs of ideal properties that would suit their requirements so they can take an informed decision.

10 hot spot 04 - Mosaic Events makes Oman proud!

Impressario Inc. (Singapore)

Satish Punjabi

First Steps into Wedding Planning
After working in a corporate job for twenty years, I switched gears and decided to pursue my passion for planning events. Impressario Inc. was founded in 2015 after I helped an old friend pick up the pieces earlier at his wedding. A life-changing experience, this laid out the path to numerous opportunities and helped me gain immense experience in the industry. Ever since then we have been bringing to life the dreams of our clients at every event we organize. We provide an innovative outlook and an advanced approach to planning and managing weddings; and with the assistance of the finest professionals, we transform every event into an auspicious occasion.

Top three reasons to pick this destination
1. In Singapore, couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a venue for their special day.
2. Owing to its multi-racial society, Singapore is able to cater to the dietary needs of all couples and their guests. Wedding venues in Singapore are able to provide a wide variety of cuisines with high-quality ingredients.
3. Be it a grand extravaganza or a simple ceremony, Singapore has a way of accommodating weddings of all budgets and making them memorable.

Favourite Location
There are so many wonderful places to have a wedding at in Singapore, but one can never get enough of the iconic Marina Bay Sands as a backdrop as you take your vows. An occasion by the bay will create a spectacular view for guests and an everlasting memory for the couple, this why The Fullerton Bay Hotel is my venue of choice.

Advice for Couples
Definitely, consider Singapore as your wedding destination. Not only is it unique in its offerings but also competitive in its pricing.

10 hot spot 05 - Mosaic Events makes Oman proud!

Pink Palki (Bangkok/Thailand)

Sharan Hora, Ruchika Pawa and Ravina S. Mittal

First Steps into Wedding Planning
Our love affair with Indian weddings began when our friends asked us to help them plan a destination wedding, here in Bangkok. And our brief was interesting, to say the least: 400 guests, some private jets and M.F. Husain painting live on stage! Still, it was a glamorous beginning for us and we dived right in. There’s been no looking back since then at Pink Palki and the journey has been full of pleasant surprises, memorable interactions and lessons learned along the way.

Top three reasons to pick this destination
1. Thailand’s topographic diversity means you have a range of picturesque settings; beautiful mountains, sandy beaches and colorful cities full of surprises.
2. In comparison with other countries and even India, having a wedding in Thailand is greater value for money.
3. Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles for its exceptional hospitality, fantastic service and can-do attitude. Need we say more?!

Favourite Location
It’s extremely difficult to pick just one location given the diverse backdrops that Thailand has. Our current favorites are as follows: The sleepy beach towns of Hua Hin and Rayong, Phuket, Krabi and Khao Lak for the blue seas and sandy beaches, Pattaya for its entertainment, nightlife and street shopping, Chiang Mai for its deep cultural heritage, exotic Thai backdrops and cool weather and lastly, Bangkok for its easy accessibility.

Advice for Couples
Choose the right location and property based on the size of the wedding and the crowd you’re expecting. Hire a wedding planner who understands your ideas and artistic sensibilities. Be sure to bring in local flavor into the menu. Whether it’s personalized coconuts with your wedding logo on it or 15-minute massages for your guests, little additions go a long way so be sure to pay attention to the details.

10 hot spot 06 - Mosaic Events makes Oman proud!

Revel Events (South East Asia)

Rani & Harry Moriani

First Steps into Wedding Planning
I entered the events industry with small freelancing projects. This led to big corporate events which eventually landed me my first couple of destination weddings. In 2013, after 10 years of freelance work I started Revel Events. After I organized my first destination wedding for a family member, people who attended the functions started requesting me to take on their respective children’s weddings and that marked my entry into the destination wedding space.

Top three reasons to pick this destination
1. Value for money is the foremost factor when it comes to choosing South East Asia.
2. Hospitality is great in South East Asian countries where everyone feels very welcome in the hosting city.
3. Being outside of the home country is always a better choice as the sole focus is to celebrate with the wedding couple and their families.

Favourite Location
It’s so tough to pick just one having worked in various places. I will always have a soft corner for Thailand as it’s the first destination we worked in. Anywhere in the Land of Smiles will be memorable. Other than that, Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu is another favorite because of the gorgeous property and the options of venues available at the hotel.

Advice for Couples
Beware of the monsoon months, try to avoid the rainy months as that takes away the joy of a sunset beach wedding The more you ask, the more you get!

10 hot spot 07 - Mosaic Events makes Oman proud!

Mosaic Events (Oman)

Krupa Khimji

First Steps into Wedding Planning 
Passionate about events, I started Mosaic Events Oman in 2011 after majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. In the initial years, our prime focus was on social and corporate events, concerts and fashion shows. In the last four years, however, our forte has been weddings, whether in Oman or any other part of the world. We take care of everything from conceptualizing and planning to execution. Attention to detail, personalization and customization with precision for each and every event are ideals that have remained constant from the start.

Top three reasons to pick this destination
1. Oman’s landscape is wonderful, incorporating mountains, deserts and beaches. These attributes make the wedding venues picture perfect! Furthermore, being a fairly new destination for tourism and weddings, its beauty is fairly untapped and refreshing.
2. We have direct connectivity from Indian, European, Middle Eastern and Far East destinations on daily basis. Oman, geographically, is very central and this makes it easy for an international wedding to take place here.
3. Oman is a very hospitable country and its people are very humble and welcoming. Moreover, the country is culturally diverse making it very easy to have weddings of different kinds in the country.

Favourite Location
Shangri La Bar Al Jissah, Muscat is great for big weddings as they have a large inventory. They also have some unparalleled views and offer a great spread. Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz Carlton Hotel in Muscat has an impressive lobby which we convert into a wedding lounge if the whole hotel is booked by the couple. They undoubtedly have the best private beach in the country. Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort and Alila Jabal Akhdar are great properties for intimate weddings.

Advice for Couples
If you are looking to get married in Oman, make sure that you plan it for some time between November to March. The weather around that time is splendid.

10 hot spot 08 - Mosaic Events makes Oman proud!

Amore London (London)

Urvashi Kandhari and Hemali Karia

First Steps into Wedding Planning
Hemali and I met whilst working at another wedding planning company. Although the owner chose to relocate to America, we were still approached by past clients to plan the weddings of siblings or friends. As we began to reconnect with our suppliers, we were often told that we were the face of that company and that we should consider setting up our own. And so we did. Next year marks 10 years of Amore and it’s been an amazing journey so far filled with hard work, passion, great memories and a lot of fun.

Top three reasons to pick this destination
1. London has anything and everything to offer, from luxurious, heritage 5 star hotels, to historical landmarks and museums to something more quirky and unique.
2. You are offering your guests a few days in one of the most exciting cities in the world. From history, culture, art, a multitude of cuisines and great shopping, London has it all to enable your guests to be fully entertained between events.
3. London has a well established Indian wedding industry and so unlike other European destinations, an Indian couple would not feel that they are having to sacrifice any element of their culture by choosing to get married abroad.

Favourite Location
1. There is nothing more exciting than a night at the Natural History Museum. The architecture is breathtaking and for anyone looking for a venue that really makes a statement, this is it.
2. The Dorchester for its luxury, class and elegance. From the moment you enter this world renowned hotel, you are transported into an era gone by filled with glamour, grandeur and fabulously decadent parties.
3. If you are willing to venture outside of London, you will find stately homes and castles steeped in history and often featured in celebrated British dramas, as well as Bollywood and Hollywood films.

Advice for Couples
1. Like any destination wedding, it is important to first establish a budget. London is known for being expensive in comparison to Asia. However that does not mean to say there are not more cost effective options in terms of venues and suppliers available. As a versatile city, London has a lot to offer and so by being realistic and open with your budget it would make it easier to find the most suitable locations to host your events.
2. Consider hiring a wedding planner! London has so much to offer and so it could very quickly become overwhelming for a couple unacquainted with London. Things also move very fast here and so it would most definitely help having a team of hired professionals keep on top of every tiny little detail.

10 hot spot 09 - Mosaic Events makes Oman proud!

Indira Anzola

First Steps into Wedding Planning
I graduated in interior design and public relations and after many years planning events, I founded D-Pleis, a company that specializes in luxury weddings for different cultures. Based in Spain, and working all over Europe we help couples personalize their weddings and take care of all the little details so that the duo and their families can indulge in the carefree enjoyment of the happiest day of their lives.

Top three reasons to pick this destination
1. A resourceful country, Spain provides a plethora of options for everything that goes into creating an event as momentous as a wedding. You will find vendors to source various elements. Also, the country has a diverse landscape right from snow-capped mountains to pristine beaches Spain provides the best of everything to match your style.
2. Made with fresh ingredients, the fantastic food here imparts a delicious Mediterranean flavor to your celebrations and can be accompanied with a delicious Sangria or even a bottle of Rioja.
3. Besides being well equipped to take care of every need of the wedding, Spain is also a great place to invite your guests to. Its connectivity to the rest of the world makes travelling problem free. Moreover, it is an amazing destination to explore and guests can stay back after the wedding in order to see the beautiful sights and learn about the local culture.

Favorite Location
Keeping in mind the needs of an Indian wedding, Cortijo La Vieja Cigarra, Córdoba is ideal. It is a charming Andalusian farm whose owner is passionate about India and has decorated the space with several Indian elements making this place a special blend of Spanish and Indian cultures. Besides this, Hacienda Los Molinillos, Sevilla is unique for its XVIII century olive grove and landscapes of the stunning Sevillian countryside; and Masia Rivas, Barcelona, located amidst pine and cypress trees and with its historic garden gives the wedding the vibe of an enchanted forest.

Advice for Couples
1. Keep in mind the season before you decide on a city in Spain. During festivals and fairs, it gets very difficult to get accommodation.
2. Hire an experienced professional specializing in destination weddings and who knows about all the bureaucratic procedures that need to be taken care of at the place where you are getting married.

10 hot spot 10 - Mosaic Events makes Oman proud!


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