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Azerbaijan Tourism in GCC: Reflecting on the First Half of 2017

As a fast emerging tourism player, Azerbaijan is sharpening its tourism target in the GCC, while endeavoring to advance the rising luxury shopping segment, with new and impressive developments. The clear-cut determination of the country’s Representative Office in GCC is bearing rich fruits, as the country saw a massive growth in the number of tourists from the region.

In recent years, the oil-rich Azerbaijan opened a tourism representative office in Dubai (Atlantis Holidays) and has been working on polishing its status as a hot spot destination for the Arab traveler, while also honing in on approaches to appeal to other travelers wishing to understand the countries’ abundant offerings that include diverse nature and culture.

It’s no wonder that, the tourism inflow to Azerbaijan has sprung up, and now the country stands as one of the rapid developing hot spot destinations. Azerbaijan’s Tourism Representative Office in Dubai is looking for ways to capitalize leisure travel, wellness travel, shopping, sports and MICE.

Explaining the reasons Arab tourists are interested in Azerbaijan Mr. Rashid AL Noori, Chairman of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan in GCC said “The appeal of Azerbaijan as the happening travel destination for the Arab traveler continues to grow because of the proximity to home, great culture, awesome nature, halal food and similarity in cultures that encourages free worship with holidays such as Eid and other festivals of the Arab traveler.”

Underlining the representative offices’ dedication to not only enhance the country’s tourism division, but similarly to facilitate the overall visitor experience, Mr. AL Noori said “The representative Office of Azerbaijan in GCC started major strides to support Azerbaijan’s tourism sector long before the country saw growth in tourism and this year has just been remarkable. We have worked together with travel companies as part of our tourism activity, to boost awareness and heighten visitor figures. We look forward to higher growth by the end of 2017. The Government’s planned mega projects will also contribute to the market growth. We regard the steady developments of Azerbaijan’s infrastructure and establishment of the Baku shopping Festival as efforts that will bring in corporate visitors besides GCC leisure tourists. As the representative office, we will focus on enhancing our marketing strategies, and should the government plans begin as prearranged, 2017 will be a profitable year.”


About Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan is one of the most beautiful countries located at the joint of Europe and Asia. As an excellent choice for holidaymakers, Azerbaijan has warm and dry summers with a minimum of 22 and maximum of 30 degrees between June and August. Apart from the magnificent natural scenery, culture and vibrancy, Baku (The city of winds) is home to a tangle of intricate alleys, mosques, historic structures and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the Maiden Tower, now listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The city is also home to innovative start-ups companies and fashion boutiques.

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