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Wedding Venues: Choose Wisely

Though the common assumption is that the perfect wedding should be held at the perfect venue, for many this concept does not hold affordability. Destination weddings at exotic locations and tropical getaways are beginning to see the light of day as many couples have started opting amongst local and regional venues that can be transformed into the perfect dream setting with a few tweaks and an intelligent budget management. Weddings under tents, in hotel ballrooms, farmhouses, and backyards are witnessing a renewed surge. From rustic themed settings to sophisticated glamour, B&G – Oman has listed out the advantages of each of these locations to help couples make the right choice.

Your own backyard
Who says a backyard cannot host the picture perfect wedding? Weddings at home allow a sense of familiarity, which can be a comforting feeling during planning and execution, a factor that eases out the stress of the forthcoming event. Though it may be difficult to decide on a fixed number of invitees (as neighbours and old school teachers will make it on the list too), there will typically be a higher guest attendance, which is a pro in terms of cost factoring. When it comes to catering and decoration, couples feel much more confident in trusting local vendors and florists, since it is easier to check their samples and ask them to cater to their theme. Backyard weddings tend to be more intimate as the couple can spend more individual time with the guests. Special moments such as speeches, words of wisdom, and candid photography sessions bear more significance.

Halls and Hotel Ballrooms
Halls and ballrooms are typically the ‘Big Wedding’ venues. Hosting a wedding in a large venue allows the couple to invite and gather all of their relatives and friends in one place. Ballrooms are a popular choice for the same reason: it’s about quality time that can be spent with dear ones. Most halls come bedecked with an indoor banquet hall, a dance floor, a cocktail lounge and other celebration spaces that can be utilised as the wedding reception area after the main ceremony. Lighting, flooring and decor are already provided, cutting out on the tension of assembling the same. The catering menu offers a larger variety of items for the cocktail and the sit-down dinner. Ballrooms involve greater merriment and memories, with larger group photographs, dances, and overall quality time.

The biggest advantage of tents is that they are far cheaper to rent than banquet halls and ballrooms, plus they call for an outdoor wedding which in itself offers a certain je ne sais quoi (an inexplicably pleasing quality) that indoor venues cannot provide. What many couples don’t know is that tent rental companies also provide wedding chairs, tables, lighting, air conditioning, a dance floor, and even theme based decor along with the tent. Depending on the weather conditions and vicinity, tents can either be tension poled or side flapped down to provide privacy. Setting up a tent according to the couple’s choice is easier, with linens, colours, furniture and flowers creating the perfect ambrosial aura that surrounds an outdoor wedding. Moreover the backdrop provided for the photographs is stunning.

Farmhouses are becoming an increasingly popular wedding venue choice. The atmosphere is warm and rustic, and more intimate. Locating a caterer for food is an easier affair, since fresh local produce is usually served from the farm or the adjoining markets which creates a great menu. The prospect of enjoyment and fun is always a lively affair, with farm based games and activities making the wedding more memorable. As with ballrooms, it is much easier to accommodate all friends and relatives under this singular structure and spend quality time. This is also great for weddings where young children are present, as they are less likely to get bored. Space is usually unlimited, and hosting large parties is easier. Most farmhouses provide breathtaking views, which serve as the ideal location for photography sessions.


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