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There could definitely be no bigger deterrent to your self confidence than body odour if left unmanaged. Don’t worry! Sweating is a problem many of us face on a daily basis, which is usually taken care off by a spritz of deodorant. However, come forth the wedding bells, you would much rather resort to a more definite solution to combat the dreaded B.O. than having to reach for your favourite scent multiple times a day.

Bride & Groom – Oman has put together 5 Odour Busting Tips that are bound to eliminate any unwanted smells from your body, leaving you feeling fresh, hydrated, poised, and completely spiffy clean for any big occasion coming up in your life!

Hit the Bath TwiceHit the Bath Twice
We all shower once a day, but for those of us who suffer from chronic body odour, taking a bath twice reduces the amount of bacteria feeding on our skin substantially, thus also lessening any undesirable whiffs emanating from the body. Remember, sweat in its natural form is virtually odourless, but when mixed with bacteria, raises quite the stink! Make sure to always use an antibacterial soap, and preferably with a cooling agent such as menthol since it tightens the pores of the skin, which in turn reduces the amount of toxins that can enter.

Towel Yourself DryTowel Yourself Dry
Use a good quality cotton towel with non-abrasive fibres to dry yourself completely once you’ve showered. Make it a point to especially pat off hard reaching areas, because even the least amount of moisture on the skin can attract bacteria and provide conducive conditions for breeding sweat. Change your towel once a week if you sweat regularly, and twice a week if you’re on the heavier end of perspiration.

Say No to Synthetics
Synthetic clothes by their very name suggest man-made polymers, which as has been proven time and time again contribute to a lot of skin problems if worn regularly. Switch to light, airy, cotton or linen clothing that will not sit on your skin, thus allowing it to breathe and eliminate odours naturally. Synthetic clothes are best left for occasions, where they’re worn for a short period of time and don’t pose the threat of increasing body odour to embarrassing levels!

Choose Natural DeodorantsChoose Natural Deodorants

While the importance of a deodorant from a well reputed brand cannot be missed, many a time the chemicals involved do us more harm than good (and for some of us, even cause that unbearable burning sensation!). A great idea is to make your very own deodorant! Simply add a few drops of your favourite aroma oil to a cup of cold water and mix it well. Transfer this to a spray bottle and you have a wonderful perfume ready! Popular choices are mint, rose, orange and lavender, as these oils have aromas strong enough to ward off even the most stubborn of underarm odour.

Modify Your DietModify Your Diet

Foods like broccoli, radishes, onions, cauliflowers and garlic are some of the worst offenders when it comes to body odour due to their naturally high sulphur content. Also, don’t go overboard with processed foods, red meat, wine, and desserts, since all of these contribute to indigestion and toxin build-up. Instead, have more of green leafy vegetables and fruits, as they are rich in antioxidants and help in flushing out toxins. Don’t forget to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to keep yourself hydrated and clean from within!


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