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The Real Groom Talk

whiff of marital responsibility in the air, and most men become immune to the duties and shackles of handling a marriage, let alone preparing for one. Agreed, most weddings are typically frilly, overly fancy, and bride-focussed, and men tend to blame their lack of interest in the preparations and planning on the feminine-friendly atmosphere that shrouds the whole event. Let’s all face it; it is even called the bridal industry.

If you are a soon to be groom, the first thing you should be aware of is that your lack of interest in the preparations reflects as an overall lack of interest in the marriage itself. Your bride may not point it out in clear words, but little gestures and hints should suffice to remind that you are a very important part of the nuptial pledge, and your presence and support are crucial in ensuring everyone’s happiness, and also yours.

Bride & Groom – Oman has put together a list of points to assist you, as a groom, in the disposition of your mental outset when it comes to your wedding. Yes, the very thought of marriage can give many a pair of cold feet, but remember, manning up and taking it head on will make the whole affair a more memorable and even enjoyable one, than wimping out.

Communicate openly
Most men make the mistake of withdrawing into an invisible shell and cutting off from the people around them as the wedding draws nearer. Communicate, and communicate freely. Share your doubts, misgivings, fears, and worries with your bride and your family. Talking more will not only lighten your stress levels, but will also acquaint you with your duties and responsibilities as a groom.

Pick out a wedding task you enjoy
Groom duties usually do fill up an entire plate, but that does not mean that you cannot have fun while executing them. Choose something you really want to do, like arranging the wedding transportation and take off any guilt you may be feeling for not being involved in something that you don’t enjoy doing.

Plan a boys weekend
Of course, with bachelor parties being all the rage before the big day, an adventurous outing seems to have lost its sheen. However, a short trip with your pals to nearby recreational facilities, or sightseeing tours will give you much needed headspace and clarity to take on your wedding responsibilities once you return. Plan on fun filled physical activities and sports to get into good shape too.

Learn to relax
There is a world of difference between relaxing and avoiding your chores, and most men tend to do the latter, with the excuse of needing a break. Book an appointment at a spa

and indulge yourself with some pampering to loosen those stiff nerves. Go out for long evening walks, or have a good laugh with your family over a cup of hot coffee. Remember, the simple things help unwind you better.

Get premarital counselling
Contrary to common belief, premarital counselling does not have to be discussed with a counsellor at all. Sit with your parents, and talk to them regarding the realities of marital life, and physical and emotional wellbeing. Talk to your elders, confide in your friends. Buy a premarital counselling book, and try maintaining a short ledger to write your thoughts in. This will help you understand your own self in a better light.

Start thinking like a married person
Having lived single up till now, it is natural for you to be slightly self-centred. Your daily routine will undoubtedly get disrupted once you embark on your marriage, so make it a point to start listening to the people around you, and modifying your schedule accordingly, rather than having things done your own way. Marriage means taking into consideration the other person›s wants and needs, so you may as well start practicing early.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to have fun! Marriages should take place only once in everyone’s life and yours is no exception. Be a part and parcel of it, and take it on with a bang. A memorable wedding will not only be the cherry on the cake, it will also serve as the perfect fairytale to narrate in the years to come.

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