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Guest Etiquette
Guest Etiquette

Guest Etiquette

We have all been invited to weddings at some point in our lives and the number of tales that could be recounted of guests lacking the right etiquette and mannerisms are plentiful. Of course, stories like these make for a great evening spent indoors with your loved ones over a round of coffee, but it goes without saying that you would never want to be the protagonist
of such an incident!

As guests, many a time we forego or fail to notice certain etiquette and decorum that needs to be followed before and after the wedding, as well as in between. Bride & Groom – Oman has covered the basic guidelines of wedding protocol that is expected from the ones invited to avoid unneeded embarrassment and discomfiture, and simply have a great time!

Don’t Blurt Out the Good News
If you are close to the bride and groom and have been confided with the news of their engagement before everyone else, do not, under any scenario, publicly post the news before they decide to do it themselves. It is considered impolite and immature to do so, and could cause for tension, especially if you haven’t informed them about your intentions. So keep that Tweet, Instagram post, or Facebook status on bay until you’ve seen the couple announce it themselves, and then go ahead!

Use Private Messages
It’s cheaper and more efficient to use social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter nowadays to keep in touch with the bride and groom; however, if you are involved in the planning of the occasion, do not talk to the couple on the public timeline. Resort to private messages and/or e-mails if you need to ask important questions or discuss finer details. The couple may have hundreds of Facebook friends who aren’t on the invite list, and it’s not fair if each and every detail comes up on their news feed.

Stall the Camera
Of course you want to photograph your friend’s wedding as much as you can and don’t want to miss out on any moment, because who knows, it may be the most memorable one yet, but as a guest, you should remember that constantly getting in the way of other people and the wedding party itself with your gadgets is rude and impolite. Don’t stand at your seat/table in the middle of the banquet just to get a close-up of the couple; leave the photography to the hired photographers, and make sure you just have a good time!


Leave your Phone in the Purse/Pocket

The couple spent a lot of time planning an event that you would enjoy, so don’t spend the entire time on your phone posting about the wedding; go have some fun! It is okay to share the love a few times, but you shouldn’t opt out of hitting the dance floor in favor of tweeting a play-by-play of the events taking place. Plus, having a phone or tablet out all the time can get in the way of photos, and no one wants to look back on their wedding day to see a guest more engaged with a device than their reception.

Wait to Post your Congratulations
Just as you should wait with posting the good news of the engagement, so you should wait till the bride and groom decide when to post of the culmination of their event. Trust them to have good reason, and follow suit once they have publicly declared it. It’s all very exciting to be the first one to pop up and congratulate them, but they will appreciate it more once they’ve spread the news themselves.

Share Pictures of the Wedding

It’s great that you want to show the world what an amazing wedding the couple had, and Instagram the cake and the flowers and other décor. However, most couples may want to wait to share photographic details of the function until they have received pictures from their professional photographer, so you should respect their choice. If you’re worried about whether you’re in the clear with posting photos, wait until a close friend or family member of the couple does so first. You will know then that it’s okay to post away!


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