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grooming the mane
grooming the mane

grooming the mane

Grooming the Mane

Yes, it’s an understood fact that weddings are more about the bride than the groom, but recent years have seen a shift in global mass culture when it comes to investing on personal care and beauty during the marital season: men now are indulging lavishly on themselves come the big day of their lives, and one very important asset that could make or break the groom’s look in all its entirety is his mane!

You heard it right – caring for your tresses as a groom does much more than simply ensure you look and smell clean – it also gives you the right amount of options to play with your style to accentuate your outfit, and if nothing else, it makes you look ultra-fabulous in all the photographs you’re bound to be featured in.

So how are you supposed to go about achieving the perfect hair for your wedding? Bride & Groom delved into a little research with an abundance of male hair stylists that are dotted around Muscat, and has put together a set of five pointers that will ensure your locks look their most sleek when you’re standing at the aisle, and even after your honeymoon!

Understand your Hair Type and Texture

You might think this one is a tad too feminine for your masculine nature, but believe us, finding out what kind of hair you have and the texture it sports is the number one indicator of the products you should use, the amount of chemicals you can exercise, and the variety of styles you can play around with. Moreover it serves as a guide to what steps you need to follow to make sure your hair is healthy, shiny and spiffy no matter where you are.

Invest in a good quality Shampoo and ConditionerInvest in a good quality Shampoo and Conditioner

This is an absolute must. Shampoos and conditioners are not created alike; if you can, try buying sulfate and silicone free options since they are lighter on your scalp and do not weigh down on the hair. If your hair is dry and frizzy, look for products that contain oils and butters. For oily hair that is also fine, choose clarifying products that contain cleansing oils like chamomile. If your hair is weak and tends to break easily, choose a shampoo that contains collagen and keratin.

Wash your Hair 2-3 times a Week
Wash your Hair 2-3 times a Week

Living in the Gulf automatically renders harsher conditions and climates on something as sensitive as hair, so giving it a good wash up to three times a week is a necessity. If you’re used to shampooing your hair daily, your scalp will start producing extra grease when you cut down on the number of times you wash it.


Be patient till your hair starts staying clean for longer. Use cold water to rinse your hair and spot dry it instead of toweling it dry; it reduces breakage and dryness.

Use Gels and Pomades sparingly

Everyone likes neat, orderly styled hair, so using some gel every time you wash your hair is a great way to keep that mane tamed and sleek. A dime sized amount should be more than enough if you have short hair; too much will make it look greasy. Pomades are great for curly/wavy hair, but use it only once or twice a week since it has strong chemicals and is harder to wash out. Comb once you’ve applied the product to distribute it evenly and lock in your style.

Maintain a Balanced Diet
What goes in reflects on the outside, and so it is with hair. Your tresses derive their luster, shine and bounce from proteins, oils, and essential minerals and Omega-3 acids, so make sure to have a diet rich in eggs, meat, butter, fruit, leafy green vegetables, salmon, avocados, and walnuts. Drink at least eight glasses of water each day, and try to cash in on around 7-8 hours of sound sleep each night to notice a marked difference in the quality and health of your hair.


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