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Give Yourself a Personal Makeover!

As citizens of a world that is draping itself in the ever evolving twines and tulles of fashion, it is impossible to not want to be a part of la mode and appear our most glamourous self at all times if not runway ready! This is not to say that you shouldn’t aim for that highroad catwalk look (believe us, we are always in awe of women who do, so all power to you if that is what you want!), but even the most basic of steps in looking after yourself and bringing in a few changes to your daily appearance is most of what you need at home to give yourself a makeover that definitely has heads turning wherever you go. How do you achieve this?

Well, with Bride & Groom’s 5 simple mantras of Self, Hair, Skin, Body, and Wardrobe & Makeup you’ll find out that there isn’t much that goes into revealing your million dollar look!

Get your notepad ready ladies (and of course, all you gentlemen as well; we don’t mind!) and take heed of these essentials to look, feel and be your very best.

Love Yourself

It may sound a tad too much of a trite, or a hackneyed cliché that everyone seems to repeat, but the importance of loving yourself can never be looked over as you embark on the journey of your personal makeover. Most fashion guides and those elusive blog posts (that get updated at the speed of light) delve immediately into the outer makings of who you are, namely your body, skin, and hair.

Of course, we’ll get there as well, but we believe that beginning with accepting yourself and your body and simply loving yourself for who you are is the first key essential in feeling different. You can achieve this in many simple ways, including talking of yourself in positive terms, looking in the mirror and complimenting yourself out loud on what you see, and sometimes blowing your own trumpet amongst friends and company!

When your heart begins to accept what it sees, the mind can decide on how best to improve it, giving you the perfect formula for becoming utterly gorgeous. Find your flaws but do not be critical of them; after all, they are your flaws and being gentle on them is the right way to perfecting them into plus points.

Jot these down and once you’re ready with your list, you’ll know immediately what you need to begin on. (That is where we now come in with our other essentials!)

Play with your HAIR
One of the simplest and most effective ways of achieving an instant, and at times dramatic, makeover is through the old trick of getting a haircut!

Yes, if you believe that it is your hair that is making you lose confidence in your appearance then by all means strap your sandals and head out to a good salon immediately. The best thing about getting a professional haircut is that your hairdresser will give you the style that suits your face shape and size perfectly which is a big plus point. If you’ve always wished for longer hair, do not hesitate to invest in some good quality hair extensions because trust us, once you have them in, you will wonder why you had never bought them before!

Another effective way of changing your look is getting your hair coloured. This again should be left in the hands of a professional if you’re not confident with your own abilities and this also gives you many options since you can choose from highlights, full length colour, ombre, and the like. Stick to ash tones to neutralize your colouring and make your hair look more natural.

Of course other basics that are critical to luscious, sexy hair are buying good shampooing and conditioning products (look for sulphate and paraben free varieties since these make a marked difference in the quality and texture of your tresses), oiling your scalp twice a week, and reducing styling whenever you can.

Brush your mane often (we’re told by our grandmothers that 100 strokes a day is the secret to great locks) and simply play with it! Twirl it round your fingers, run your hand through it and flip it to the other side every now and then; this will not only add variety to your look but make you feel like a diva as well!

Care for your BODY
It’s a fast paced world and even if you’re not in the race, you end up getting caught in it and this becomes one of the many reasons for what we found out is called subconscious stress. You may feel exhausted from time to time with no apparent cause, or feel the need to sleep more often than usual. Your eating habits may get swayed and you may have trouble focusing on one thing at a time.

The good news is that mental health is always tied to physical wellbeing and looking after your physical health is a fail proof method in ensuring peace of mind. Your productivity improves, your outlook on life becomes better, and you begin to see yourself in a new light!

What’s the best way to do this? By taking time out for physical activity. Believe us, nothing can make you feel the way a good hour’s sport or workout can. This is a good time to get out those running shoes and simply hit the gym or the park and let your body sweat. Eating right and sleeping right come naturally when your body is utilising itself; moreover once you finish working out, looking in the mirror and seeing your flushed self feels great!

Aim to workout 5 days in a week, and make sure to include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Your appetite will naturally want a variety of nutrients once working out becomes a habit, forcing you to incorporate a lot more of healthy food in your meals.
This shall affect your sleeping pattern as well and you’ll soon find out that you can cash in on 7-8 hours each night without any discomfort! What does this result in? A healthier you that not only feels fabulous, but looks fabulous as well!


Sorry boys, we know makeup may not entirely be your forte (though there are a great amount of men beauty services you can avail of in professional male salons), but you do need a grand spring cleaning of your wardrobe if your makeover is to win its final stage. Regardless of what your gender may be, throw open the doors of your closet and take a keen look.

Do you find yourself looking at the outfits you repeat day in and day out? Many would say that it’s time to experiment more; however we believe that in the habit of repeating outfits, you’re subconsciously sending signals as to what kind of outfits you like best, hence the repetition. What does this mean? That you can get varieties in patterns, colour, and texture of similar outfits that are not suddenly too daring, nor the same kind you already have. This results in a more comfortable and subtle transition in your dressing abilities and neither shocks you nor the people around you! (We’ve also found that this is a sure method of achieving success with minimal effort.)

Pay attention to the latest trends (the internet gives you everything in the click of a button), but most importantly, pay attention to your body size and shape, and dress for it. You cannot dress for the image you have in your mind, so it’s best to let go of it and work with what you have. Update your wardrobe, and fall in love with accessories and shoes: these are the makers or the breakers of your outfit.

Ladies, if you haven’t already done so, invest in some good foundation, a contouring kit, a set of nude lipsticks, and a matte blush. This is the simplest makeup set we could recommend for beginning on your makeover and one that does not result in disasters!
Eyes are the expression of the self. Play around with eyeliner till you find the style that makes your eyes look their best; remember, the classic winged eyeliner is excellent for any eye shape, so till the time you learn more dramatic varieties, stick to this sophisticated, elegant, and absolutely beautiful style that will have many an admirer turning to look at you as you head out in your now fully completed personal makeover!

Pamper your SKIN

About 70% of the world population suffers from dry skin or some form of skin anomaly that simply needs a good swathing of rich lotion!. Yes, as you’re reading this, we recommend you to stop right now and fetch that bottle of lotion that’s laying forgotten on your dresser or in your closet and rub it over your arms, legs and face before continuing.

Did you feel the difference? That’s what we’re talking about! Something as simple as moisturising your skin daily can make you feel better because it makes your skin look better.

Invest in a good scrub or exfoliator. This doesn’t have to be a run off the mill expensive variety. A basic one with ingredients such as walnuts, fenugreek, and/or oatmeal is recommended since it unclogs your pores and removes impurities; moreover, it also brightens the skin and improves complexion by clearing out dead skin cells.

Remember to remove your makeup every night before bed because it can cause sebaceous issues and blocked oil glands that may have you going to the doctor. Also, get a high SPF sunscreen because in this part of the world, even a five minute exposure to the sun is enough to increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Last but not the least, drink a lot of water. Again, this is something that goes without saying, but consuming enough water daily is what makes the difference between good skin and great skin!

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