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Bridal Make up
Bridal Make up

Bridal make-up Do’s & Don’ts

A make-up trial is probably the smartest and best move that any bride can make as it is then that she will learn the exact shading, colours and extent of the make-up she will be wearing on her big day. While a trial is one of the best ways to test out many different looks and colours, there are a number of wedding industry Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to bridal make-up that every bride should familiarise herself with in order to look her very best and avoid any make-up disasters.

The best tip that every bride should keep in mind in preparation for her wedding day and in pursuit of a flawless finish is to practice, practice, practice. Practice your make-up and hair before the day, practice colours and different application techniques until you find the one that suits you perfectly.

  • DO’S 
  • DON’TS
  • Prep your skin with quality skin care products well before the big day, with facials and a healthy diet the best way to achieve clear skin
  • Practice on yourself at home and later with a make-up artist on what colours suit you and will enhance your features best
  • Decide early on whether to focus on your eyes or lips when it comes to colour choices, this means either having a bold colour on your lips or your eyes. Alternatively there are brides that have an even finish and emphasis across all features, but you should let the style of dress and hair influence your decision.
  • Foundations are generally categorized into two types: pink and yellow. A bride’s skin tone will suit one or the other so be sure and test out all possible options (and take photos) to see how different foundations appear on the skin. many wedding professionals believe that yellow undertones work best with flash photography.
  • If you are planning to use a bronzing powder, then apply lightly and build up the colour as opposed to loading up the brush as this can result in heavy bronze ‘spots’. If you are planning to use a blusher colour instead, then chose a colour that is either peach (yellow tones) or rose (pink tones) and focus the colour on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Go for lip shades that are one or two shades darker than what you normally wear. Nudes and browns are beautiful in person, but they can fade in photographs so opt for shades that are darker so make-up artists suggest that brides use pinks and reds in various shading to offer excellent contrast in photos.
  • Further enhance the impact of a lip colour by matching the shades with a lip liner and using a lip brush to apply the lipstick, as this gives an even finish.
  • Decide before the wedding whether you will use false eyelashes or not. If not, then apply two coats of mascara on the day for greater impact.
  • Use waterproof mascara to minimise smudging or running.
  • A bride should avoid facials or waxing treatments couple of days before the wedding, this can result in redness or puffiness. Any such treatments should be done at least five days before the wedding and only if she has had the same treatments before with no allergic reaction.
  • Don’t choose make-up based on the latest trends, you may look cool now but in later years you may just look ridiculous. Always go for timeless classic choice.
  • If you are going to colour or darken your eyebrows, then take a photograph test beforehand. No bride wants dark and heavy brows that simply make her face appear severe and hard.
  • Don’t put layer after layer of make-up on. Caked on make-up is never attractive. Aim for coverage, not cake-age.
  • Too many coats of mascara is clumping and heavy-looking. Apply one coat, allow to dry, and then apply another. Perfect.
  • Avoid too much bronzer as this looks ridiculous in person and in photographs also.
  • Shield your dress when putting it on and never apply make-up the time you are wearing it. A beautiful white gown has the tendency to show up any tan products or coloured make-up stains, so only get dressed once everything is set and your make-up is complete.
  • Don’t suddenly change your style. Being the bride means looking beautiful, young and fresh. Basically you want to look absolute best of you. Don’t suddenly change your hair colour, style or wear radically different make-up, if this is not your style. Be yourself on your wedding day.

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