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Real Life Wedding Stories

Real Life Wedding Stories

An every culture around the world, wedding trends have changed over time to suit newer lifestyles and ways of living. With traditional nuances being the stronghold of every country, some practices have long disappeared to be replaced by newer ones from other places. To see how wedding trends have changed and progressed in Oman, B&G had the pleasure of meeting up with four of the most intriguing and unique Omani women, all whom got married at different times in the last decade.

Sameera steps forth as a bold, enterprising and dynamic woman with endless possibilities at her doorstep. Hiyam, who got married only last year, comes across as a family loving, soft spoken woman, but with an undulating inner strength that translates into martial arts training.

All four women are as different from one another as are the years in which they got married. Read on to learn more about their big day, the highs and lows they faced, and their most unforgettable memories.
Real Life Wedding Stories
8th July 1993,
The date of Wedding

Tell us about your first meeting?
We are related. We knew each other for 7 years before the wedding. Ours was a love marriage approved by our families.

Walk us through the wedding proposal/engagement party.
My husband approached my father traditionally and asked for my hand, then the women came to discuss the Meher.

Where did your wedding take place?
The engagement took place in a hall where My husband put a ring on my finger. The wedding was a traditional affair and took place at home.

Take us through the wedding and the ceremonies.
Unlike modern weddings, our wedding was planned and conducted by our relatives. The henna ceremony and the engagement were a grand affair, though the wedding was private with relatives and close friends. It was an entirely traditional Baluchi wedding, and my mother’s cousin was assigned to stay with me from the beginning to the end of the ceremony. The Nikah Ceremony was on Sunday. The next day, Monday, was the ‘covering the face’ ceremony. Seven women, six married, and one unmarried, took turns to cover and uncover my face, till finally the unmarried girl covered my face for good luck. It was uncovered on the last day by my husband. My husband’s family were a part of this ceremony too. They brought a tray with sandals, a comb, some thread, and a special powder. There was a small ceremony for the groom too, seven times a red scarf was tied and untied, and his kandura was torn.

On Tuesday was the Henna Ceremony. My family took the henna from my house to My husband’s house to apply henna for him as he sat in a Heggla. Then the henna from My husband’s house was brought to me and applied when I was sitting in a Heggla. All the guests threw money in a basket as a gift. On thursday was the Mishath. The women start burning dhofran from early in the morning. The burnt dhofran is mixed with selected fragrances and ground on a stone to make a thick paste, and distributed to all the women present. It was applied on to my hair and combed. This is one of the preparations of the bride for the groom to take her to his place. Before entering the house, our feet were washed with rose water. The next day onwards it was Sabahia. As the bride I used to get ready and receive all the guests who came to bless me.

Your wedding day in a sentence.
It was a celebration for the whole family.

One thing about your wedding you wish you could have changed.
My husband mentioned that he wanted me to wear a white wedding dress, but my mother objected to it.

Your favourite wedding gift.
Gifts from both the families and it meant a lot to me.

First gift for one another.
My husband gave me gold; it is not a tradition for the bride to give something to the groom.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?
My husband chose the place; we went to Salalah for our honeymoon.

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