Hiyam Hamed Al Mahmoodi & Zaid Ahmed Al Habsi: Real Life Wedding Stories

25th August 2013
Date of the Wedding

Tell us about your first meeting?
Ours was a love marriage. We started as friends and fell in love. We met in a sports training (taekwondo) centre.

Walk us through the wedding proposal or the engagement.
Since our families didn’t know each other, first the ladies from the groom’s family came to our house to meet my family. They introduced themselves and proposed. After a week the men came for the official proposal. All of this happened in our house. Once it was known, our families took over.

Where did your wedding take place?
Our wedding was held in a wedding hall in Al Khuwair. The venue had a special package for weddings and we made use of it. Stage decorations, photography and a DJ were all complimentary. We used the stage decoration and photography but decided to bring our own DJ.

Did you have a theme wedding?
Our wedding decoration was simple; we didn’t want lots of things. We wanted bright colours which were blue and white. The decor was decided with the designers. We chose the colour theme together, since blue is his favourite colour.

Did you have a grand wedding or a private one?
It was a grand affair. It was a one day event, but it was a grand affair.

The unique element in your wedding?
Our first dance was the unique element in our wedding. As both of us have not done any slow dance before, we prepared separately for the dance, and once on the floor, we both guided each other with our steps. He chose the song, ‘Hero’.

Your wedding day in a sentence?
The happiest day of our lives.

One thing about your wedding you wish you could have changed?
The one thing I wish I could change would be the size of the wedding hall, so that we could have invited a lot of guests.

Your favourite wedding gift?
We got a one night stay at a five star hotel in Muscat. It was given by my family. It was perfect as it was our first night.

First gift for one another?
He gave me a blue precious stone for my ring. I gifted him a watch.

Where did you have your honeymoon?
We booked a honeymoon package. Our honeymoon was 2 nights in Maldives, and 7 nights in Sri Lanka. We travelled on the second day of the wedding, 26th August. Both of us chose the places. We were dreaming of spending our honeymoon in the Maldives and any other country near to it, so we chose Sri Lanka.

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