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How often is that two people from two entirely different cities in the world come together, fall in love, and marry at a destination that is entirely foreign to where they originate from? This charming little wedding story of Aashna Bawa and Ankit Kapoor is sure to leave you feeling that time and distance are truly meaningless in matters pertaining to the heart. Based in New York, Ankit married his beautiful fiancée, (our Muscat Girl! ), in the summer of this year against the stunning backdrop of Thailand’s beautiful seashores. Bride & Groom spoke to this delightful couple about all that went into their first meeting, the proposal, the planning, and what compelled them to decide on Thailand as the location of choice for their destination wedding!

B&G: How and when did you first meet?
Ankit: We were introduced via none other than Facebook! Aashna was residing in New Delhi at the time, and I was in New York; so the only chance we had to talk to one another was either through the phone or on Skype. This carried on for the initial two months of our courtship, but of course, it’s never the same as meeting in person. I met Aashna for the first time at her grandparents’ house. Both of us were extremely nervous; in fact Aashna was more than I was, so I knew that was going to have to work a little harder at trying to woo her. Her grandparents were very easy to get along with, especially her grandmother, but I suspect that had more to do with the fact that her maiden name is the same as my family name! We had our first dinner at a small local spot in Hauz Khas Village; I was the one who did most of the talking in the beginning, but as the night progressed, Aashna started to feel more at ease and we ended up staying at the restaurant for a good four hours.

B&G: Talk us through the proposal; we were told it was quite unique!
Aashna: Indeed it was! Ankit proposed to me on the 9th of August. This is a story in itself because it was so different from normal proposals. He flew in from New York a day earlier, which was unknown to me. It was mainly the timing that was the surprise because on the following day, the 9th, we had our traditional Roka (engagement) ceremony. I was certain that Ankit would not get the chance to get down on one knee and propose, which I knew was something he had been looking forward to all his life. However, with the assistance of some of my family members who were privy to his plans, Ankit sneaked into my room in the middle of the night while I was fast asleep. I didn’t think it went entirely to plan because I thought I was dreaming and went back to sleep! Finally, after his third attempt if I remember correctly, he managed to wake me up and proposed. Obviously I accepted and by then the entire household was up and we celebrated with champagne!

B&G: So was Thailand a mutual choice for the wedding?
Aashna: Yes. Since we were engaged for just under a year from August 2014 to July 2015, this gave us ample time to decide on the location. Ankit and I had always known that we wanted a destination wedding, and a place by the beach with breathtaking scenery seemed like the perfect spot. Thailand was chosen by our parents and we were very happy with their pick. It had everything we were looking for in terms of natural beauty and great food; the hotel was lovely, and there was a wide variety of restaurants and venues that we could use for each function as we wanted all of our events to be unique.

B&G: What challenges did you face when it came to the planning?
Aashna: Any wedding is challenging, and for ours, the major challenges arose from the fact that Ankit’s family was in New York, my parents were in Muscat, and our wedding planner was in Thailand! This was really trying since we could rarely find the time to Skype properly due to the extensive difference in time zones. Apart from that, one of the most time consuming activities throughout the planning and execution process was trying to reconcile and report back all disparate information to one another such as the travelling details of our guests, the vendor rates and services, hotel bookings and information, and almost everything else that goes into wedding planning!

The Bride’s Wardrobe
• Cocktail Dress by Tarun Tahliani
• Mehendi Lehenga by Rupika
• Sangeet Anarkali by Rupika
• Wedding Lehenga by Rupika
• Reception Sari from Diva’ni

B&G: The pictures tell us that the functions were very authentic and Indian.
Ankit: Definitely. Despite the fact that we were having a destination wedding, we knew that we wanted to have all of the traditional ceremonies that are typical to an Indian wedding. It was important to us to keep it as traditional and close to our roots as possible even if we were in another country.

B&G: And the décor was mainly Thai.
Aashna: Of course, since Thailand is so diverse and has so much to offer! We wanted to incorporate that into our wedding. All of the flowers that we used for our decoration were Thai flowers, sourced locally. Even little elements like Thai umbrellas and those delicate hand fans charmed us and we used them in the décor as well. We wanted to make the most of what we could find locally to truly turn our wedding into a Thai dream!

B&G: So where did you settle on for the honeymoon?
Aashna: In Thailand itself! The honeymoon was organized entirely by Ankit. We stayed at the Rayavadee Resort in Krabi, which in itself is situated on its own island off the mainland. We were there for 5 nights and it was picture perfect; everything was absolutely beautiful and we felt like we had been transported to a different world, which is exactly what every honeymoon should be!

The Groom’s Wardrobe
• Mehendi Attire inclusive of Rohit Bal Nehru Jacket Moin Kurta Pajama Ulysse Nardin Marine Watch
• Sangeet Attire inclusive of Karan Moin Sherwani Rolex GMT Watch
• Reception Attire inclusive of Hart Shaffner Marx Tuxedo
Schwarz Etienne Moon-Face Watch

The Bride’s Parents’ Say!
The wedding was everything we had imagined it to be and much more. Firstly it was in Thailand, which is renowned world over for its scenic beauty, and secondly, Pink Palki, our wedding planners based in Bangkok, did a fabulous job and covered every aspect that we couldn’t have overseen. We had heard about the popularity of Thailand as a destination for weddings, and now that we have experienced the same, it is fair enough to say that the infrastructure and facilities provided by Thailand for such events are exceptionally strong. It’s hard to pick out one memorable moment from the wedding because this was the big day of our lovely daughter and the experiences we had are to be cherished for a lifetime. Of course it goes without saying that being with our family members and close friends made it all the more special because its only with your loved ones that life’s special moments are shared!

Special credits to
Photographer and Videographer: Grapevine Designs
Wedding Planner: Pink Palki
Beautician: Malini Ohri

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