Sifawy Destination wedding
Sifawy Destination wedding

Destination Wedding: Ismat & Jay’s Wedding at Sifawy Boutique Hotel

‘Happiness is being married to your best friend’

Knowing each other for twelve years and choosing them as your life partner is an ideal picture, and that was exactly what Ismat and Jay, did recently at the Sifawy Boutique Hotel, marking Oman as one of the more popular locations of choice when it comes to destination weddings! Bride & Groom – Oman caught up with Ismat who was only too kind to provide us details of how the wedding panned out, what she thought of the hotel, the country, and its people as a whole.

How did you meet?
Jay and I both met in Muscat, at the Vision Institute of Professional Studies. He was my senior, and we became friends. A year later we had started dating. We dated for twelve years and then ended up getting engaged in May of 2014. The first part of our wedding was held in New York in October of the same year, and the second part of wedding took place in Oman, in April 2015.

What made you choose Oman?
The destination wedding was Jay’s idea. It usually serves as the perfect way to come in contact with new family members and it’s a once in a lifetime experience for everybody. It serves as a huge family holiday! Usually what happens is that in the hubbub of the wedding you are so busy that you don’t realize when the event started and when it ended. Here we had the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with our dear ones. When we started thinking of possible destinations, we came at a consensus on Oman.
This is the place where we both met. I was born and raised in Dubai, while Jay was raised in India. We both moved to Oman for a few years and met each other in 2002, after which I moved to New York and he moved to Dubai. Since we hold a special sentimental bond with Oman, there was no doubt in our minds that this was to be the location!

And you decided on the Sifawy Boutique Hotel.
Yes. Jay seemed to have a better idea of the venues, and when we looked up Sifawy, we fell in love with it right away. Here was a location so peaceful and so serene, nestled amongst beautiful surroundings and nature.It was away from Muscat’s usual hustle and bustle

and provided the perfect sanctuary for the entire family to get closer and come to know one another. Plus the hotel’s service was exceptional. Their rooms felt like a home away from home, and the staff was immensely kind and welcoming. Rakhee Dutia, Director of Sales, was very helpful and professional.

Destination weddingTell us about the ceremony.
Well we stayed in Sifawy for two days. The first day was the family day where we had a lovely family photoshoot. We played on the beach and explored the hotel, and had a memorable time. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with your loved ones in a beautiful location. The second day was our actual ceremony. We had the pheras (taking rounds around a sacred fire), and the entire setup was done by Mosaic Events. They did an excellent job and we absolutely loved it.

What do you think of Oman?Destination wedding
Oman is undeniably beautiful and holds a very dear place in our hearts. This is where we met, and we are immensely attached to it. Its nature is amazing; you have gorgeous mountains all around surrounded by the lovely sea. One thing we all loved was how clean and well maintained it was! We also fell in love with the people who were tremendously warm and very kind.


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