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Understanding the Millennial Client – JoAnn Gregoli

No denial in the fact that the wedding industry in the current date is driven by the millennial population. We have ushered into an era where if a wedding planner wishes to be entrusted by a client (s)he has to demonstrate or justify expertise in every aspect which the client is aware of. Comparisons are bound to be drawn as they have explored a lot about the concept, theme or décor they wish to avail. No wonder they grew up with Internet and Google at their disposal, further social media extended their horizons.

The millennials are most educated and tech-savvy generation to date, they always validate the facts and reflect an intuitive rational approach in making their decisions. When it comes to weddings there seems to be no dearth of whims, they are conveniently influenced by the ideas and accomplishments of friends, influencers, and current events. If we take a look at the bigger picture, a lot of this is owing to the lifestyle trends of the millennials. They are embracing the causal approach, prioritizing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and striving to strike a right balance between the digital and real world.

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