drum circle is any group of people playing (usually) hand-drums and percussion in a circle. They are distinct from a drumming group or troupe in that the drum circle is an end in itself rather than preparation for a performance. They can range in size from a handful of players to circles with thousands of participants.

The drum circle offers equality because there is no head or tail. It includes people of all ages. The main objective is to share rhythm and get in tune with each other and themselves. To form a group consciousness. To entertain and resonate. By entertainment, I mean that a new voice, a collective voice, emerges from the group as they drum together.

Our next event is on Saturday, 19th August from 16:30 to 17:30.

Visit our center on Saturday 19th August from 16:30 to 17:30, for a motivational health talk and gift vouchers, by Clinical Dietitian and MA Degree holder in Sports science, Ms Safeya Altamari. This will be accompanied by a fun drum circle activity. Invite friends and family.

Qurum Garden,  A block

Eurodiet Health Center  97497777/ 9456 6777.

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