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Forge an exciting international career in fashion with the region’s leading fashion institute.

It has been more than ten years since the ESMOD Dubai was first established in the Middle East, and since then the region’s fashion industry has drastically, matured and flourished. It is now an era of the latest trends and brands making their mark in the Middle East, in an ever-evolving industry that yearns for talented individuals to get creative, push the boundaries and carve out unique fashion identities both locally and internationally. For those armed with the potential and determination to take the next step, ESMOD Dubai, the French Fashion Institute, offers a host of courses commencing in September 2017 to help dreams be realised.



Start Date:  10th September 2017

Duration:  9 Months

Attendance:  Sunday to Tuesday

Time: 9.30am – 1.30pm

An introduction to the fashion industry, from both a creative and marketing perspective. At the end of the 1st year, students will be able to create a pattern, drape a garment, construct a skirt, blouse and dress. Students will also present a final collection including a stylebook and one completed look from their collection.



Start Date:  11th September 2017

Duration: 3 Months

Attendance & Time:

Morning Session | 10am – 2pm, Wednesday & Thursday

Evening Session | 6pm – 10pm, Monday & Wednesday

This program will introduce students to the art of designing shoes and footwear through gaining a deep knowledge of trends, materials, components and technical construction taking into consideration the specificities of product components, technical constructions and product categories from commercial to high end footwear.



Start Date: 1oth September 2017

Duration:  2 Months

Attendance: Sunday to Thursday

Time: 9.30am – 1.30pm

Fashion is a continuing process of creative expression through various stimuli and references, coming from many different fields such as history, art, design and architecture to name a few. Fashion has always been a reflection of social, economic, political and cultural changes, women spontaneously react to new trends, absorbing it into their personal style. This is how iFash and modest wear such as abayas have become synonymous with everyday life within the Middle East, emerging as a global fascination via the mix of western influences with stylish ethnicity. Over time abaya styles have evolved from a simple black attire used to cover the body to an elegant looking garment expressing a strong fashion statement. This creative fusion has become a norm that ESMOD Dubai supports with pleasure.



Start Date: 13th September 2017

Duration:  3 Months

Attendance: Wednesday & Thursday

Time: 10am – 2pm

Fashion is a continuing process of creative expression through various stimuli, sensations and references coming from many different fields like art, design, architecture to name a few. When designing a collection, a designer needs practical knowledge of the fashion scene via research and development as well as illustration skills to do justice with the creativity.



Start Date: 10th September 2017

Duration: 4 weeks

Attendance: Sunday & Tuesday

Time: 6pm – 10pm

Available for the first time in the Middle East, this unique program is conducted by the buyer of Ralph Lauren and Etro. An intensive short course giving an insight into the daily world of a fashion buyer, the course is implemented by the former fashion buyer of Prada and Valentino who will provide an insight to students on how to execute and develop and eye for the right buying process.

Aspiring fashion buyers will be prepared to start a career in the global fashion market by sharpening their knowledge about trends, markets, collection selections and buying analysis. It will also enable students to start pursuing a career as an assistant fashion buyer, merchandiser or trend researchers.



Start Date: 13th September 2017

Duration:  3 Months

Attendance: Wednesdays

Time:  6pm – 10pm

Students learn the necessary skills to run operations in the fashion and luxury goods industry.

The luxury brand management course will provide an insight into the international luxury sector, including ready-to-wear, Haute Couture, accessories, watches, jewelry and perfumes. During the course students will acquire the knowledge of managing all aspects of a luxury brand, from the product development process, price strategies, how to work with Marketing & PR departments to ensure that the promotion activities are aligned with the brand’s vision and lastly looking after the retail environment. The Luxury Brand Manager is the guardian of the brand and a sought-after role within the international luxury houses. The LBM course allows students to have a clear perspective on the management of luxury brands in order to pursue a career in the luxury sector. After completing the course, the Graduate will be able to apply the knowledge in the field of brand management, marketing and retail.



Start Date: 10th September 2017

Duration:  6 Months

Attendance: Sunday to Tuesday

Time: 9:30am – 1:30pm

With immense competition and numerous emerging fashion brands, it is crucial to know the right recipe of launching a new brand. This program will enlighten you with step by step SWOT analysis, planning, implementation, execution and launch plan evaluation of your fashion business. Fashion entrepreneurs will enjoy this dynamic course, learning about modern marketing techniques delivered by top professional experts in the field and start their fashion business.

This program is structured in complementary modules providing the deepening of different actions of fashion marketing, from the analysis of the fashion system to the study of marketing, communication techniques, from the detailed analysis of the different aspects of brand management and merchandising.



Start Date: 1oth September 2017

Duration:  2.5 Months

Attendance & Time:

Morning Session | 11am – 2pm, Wednesday & Thursday

Evening Session | 7am – 10pm, Sunday & Tuesday

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