Amjad Iqbal Al Lawati
Amjad Iqbal Al Lawati


Having the wedding you’ve always dreamt of is now easier than ever before! Thanks to Bank Muscat’s Zaffaa Marriage Finance programme, you and your loved one can avail complete monetary support and discounts on vendor services to host your big day. Sporting a logo of a couple holding hands to reflect the start of marital life, the Zaffaa Marriage Finance reiterates the assistance extended by Bank Muscat to the Omani youth. Mr. Amjad Iqbal Al Lawati, the head of Bank Muscat’s Product and Services Management, addresses some of the more frequently asked questions regarding Zaffaa.

What is Zaffaa Marriage Finance?
Targeted at unmarried Omani youth, the first-of-its-kind Zaffaa Marriage Finance offered by Bank Muscat fulfills a long felt social need in extending a helping hand to the Omani youth requiring financial support to conduct their marriage.

Who can apply for Zaffaa Marriage Finance?
Omani nationals above 18 years, both men and women, are eligible to apply for Zaffaa.

How can this loan be availed?
Customers can approach any of the 139 branches of Bank Muscat’s network across the Sultanate to apply for Zaffa finance.

What is the eligibility criteria in applying for the Zaffaa Marriage Finance loan?
For Zaffa finance eligibility, the minimum monthly salary requirement is RO/- 250 for Government and Quasi Government employees, and RO/- 500 for employees of Tier 1/ 2 companies.

What is its tenure?
The maximum Zaffa finance is RO/- 20,000 with a 5 year tenure for repayment.

Can a couple apply for Zaffaa Marriage Finance jointly?
No they cannot, however they can have a shared account.

What has been the general feedback regarding Zaffa finance facilities?
The unique Zaffaa Marriage Finance has evoked a good response across the Sultanate. The bank is focused on continuous endeavors to further strengthen relations and lend a helping hand to valued customers, especially the youth, as a part of which Zaffaa reaches out to them for planning their marriage. As the nation’s leading banking partner, Bank Muscat attaches great importance to social responsibility and initiatives aimed at sustaining the country’s progress and development. Zaffaa reiterates Bank Muscat’s commitment to the country’s future generations.

Are there special services facilitated by the bank when one applies for Zaffaa Marriage Finance?
In order to make wedding a memorable experience for customers, Zaffaa facilitates value added services wherein customers can avail special offers and discounts from a host of service providers ranging from suppliers of wedding invitation cards, flowers, catering and wedding venues across Oman. This complements the financial support extended to customers, facilitating a hassle-free marriage.

Can the loan be repaid before maturity?

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