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Colette Anderi A Successful Business Woman

With her unwavering passion for the wispy, pearl white glamour that accompanies her bridal dresses, Colette Anderi has become an acclaimed name in the Sultanate. Hailing from Lebanon, Colette started off with a degree in Audio-Visual Communication from the St. Joseph University. Her interactions with the world of glamour and showbiz got a definite heads up when she started working with a popular TV channel in Lebanon, before joining her family’s 25 year old business of designing bridal wear.
Colette Anderi is the proud owner of Simply White in Muscat, and caters to a number of bridal dress requests from all regions, complete with custom preferences.
With a heart to heart chat with Colette last year, B&G decided to catch up with this ardent and vivacious personality once again for a candid talk about wedding gowns, and some essential tips brides should keep in mind while choosing the right dress.

How did you get acquainted with the bridal designing industry?
I got married into a family which was one of the pioneers in Lebanon’s designing industry. Having started this business 25 years ago, we have ten outlets in Lebanon and five in Brazil, at the present. We offer a wide selection of gowns and dresses from world famous bridal wear designers. My brother-in-law, Lucas Anderi, is a well-known designer in Brazil. He makes dresses for the actors and singers of Brazil.

Tell us about the trends that are followed in designing a bridal dress.
A beautiful dress on the body always shows elegance. Designers use different fabrics to stitch wedding dresses like French dentelle, Alençon, crepe, taffeta, and other handmade fabrics. As a specialist, I am not keen on the colour white for a wedding dress, especially for brides who have duskier skin tones. In this case, a varying degree of white will complement her perfectly, such as the off-white colour grade and other shades of off-white.

Is it true that December is the favourite month for weddings?
Every month of the year is suitable for weddings in Oman except the month of Ramadan. It could be a coincidence that December carries more weddings.

What factors do you keep in mind while importing bridal dresses to Oman?
I am always keen to import the pieces of high-end designers who have managed to leave their mark in the bridal dress industry, such as Ellie Saab and Zuhair Murad. Simply White utilises the experience of the best international designers. Non-Arab designers have collections that are not fully consistent with the dressing style in Oman, but I always consider their creations in order to comply with the demand in the Gulf market.

What tips should brides keep in mind when choosing a dress that suits them?
I would advise every bride to care for herself and her appearance before the wedding takes place. I can personally help brides in choosing the correct dress for their body type, which complements them perfectly and makes them look gorgeous. Even if the bride is healthy, she can opt for A-shape dresses which will hide her negative areas and show a thin waist. For a thin bride, I would suggest Cinderella style dresses.

Are multiple colours favourable in wedding dresses?
I am not a fan of multicoloured bridal dresses. Weddings are a once in a lifetime function, where white and its variations are worn, which can never be worn again. Designers themselves are not too keen on multiple colours for gowns either.

What are your future plans?
I am planning to open a boutique for bridal dresses that is completely different from Simply White.

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