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A Cut Above Nirav Modi

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Son and grandson of old world cutters, Nirav Modi started in the diamond industry at his age of 19 and subsequently diversified to the design and manufacture of fine jewelry.

His rare heirloom pieces are created to be passed on to future generations, as the maharajas did in the years gone by. The Nirav Modi collection has extended the boundaries of jewelry into the realm of art. Selected meticulously to showcase the highest levels of aestheticism, innovation, and extraordinary craftsmanship, every piece in the Nirav Modi collection is an objet d’art.

It was at Christie’s Autumn Jewelry Auction in November 2010 that Nirav Modi’s exquisite Golconda Necklace was auctioned, making a mark in history as the first Indian Jeweler to be featured on the cover of Christie’s Hong Kong auction joining the company of immortal jewelers like Harry Winston, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels.

I knew I wanted to create the most precious jewelry, that every woman deserves Sotheby’s praised Nirav Modi’s combination of artistic and technical innovation skills in the International Herald Tribune. Though initially disapproved as unviable, Nirav Modi’s persistence got the Ainra CutTM and Endless CutTM patented. These allow diamonds to be suspended with minimal metal creating a linkage of pure light. The Endless Cut TM comprises specially cut diamonds to form a continuous seamless halo of diamonds,

making the ultimate statement of eternal romance while Ainra CutTM diamonds links replace the metal clasps traditionally used in jewelry. Much applauded and recognized at prestigious auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, Nirav Modi is a regular at global auctions; his creations adorning the world’s most elite.

For a man so renowned, he shared with us some valuable views and words on his fascinating collection.


B&G: Coming from 3 generations of jewelers, what inspired you to move away from a traditional designer to innovative designer?
NM: I come from family of diamantaires not jewelers. My grandfather used to deal in important diamonds and my father still deals in diamonds in Antwerp where I grew up. I moved from diamantaire to jeweler almost by chance.
A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to make a pair of earrings. At first I refused; I dealt mainly in diamonds and was not accustomed to making fine jewelry, that too for a friend. After a few requests, I reluctantly agreed and oversaw the whole process of sourcing the best quality diamonds, refining the design until it was just right and, of course, crafting the earrings. It took longer than expected as I simply refused to cut corners ; in fact, when I didn’t find a pair of polished diamonds on the market that matched perfectly I asked my brother to source the right rough diamonds from Russia and our factory to cut and polish them.
My friend was so elated after she received the earrings that I got calls and messages from her for the next few days. She told me this was something she had wanted for years and it made her feel appreciated. Her husband even told me that after their home, this was the most important purchase they had made.
The whole experience unleashed a latent passion in me. I knew I wanted to create the most precious jewelry, the kind that every woman deserves and can pass on to future generations.

B&G: What excites you more? the value of the diamonds or the creativity involved in designing them?
NM: The rarity and radiance of diamonds is tantalizing. There is simply no other material on earth like it. At the same time, I have a deep passion and appreciation for design and craftsmanship and I believe they come together to make a jewel. I cannot imagine one without the other.


B&G: Any of your creations are made especially for the middle eastern market? Do you intend to participate in any of jewelry shows in the Middle East?
NM: I aim to make classic jewelry that is not specific to a culture or a time. It is my dream to wake up 100 years from now and see my clients’ great grandchildren all over the world wearing Nirav Modi jewels.
We have had a great response from the Middle Eastern market and we may participate in one of the jewelry shows next year.

B&G: Which is your personal favourite design?
NM: I spend months perfecting each design and sourcing the right stones so I become attached to each jewel. Asking me for a favourite design is like asking me to pick a favourite child!

B&G: If we want to see your creations/where do we see, any exhibition? Or showroom?
NM: Our flagship salon is in Mumbai but we do have events and exhibitions in various cities throughout the year. If someone is interested, we would request them to get in touch with us (info@niravmodi.com or +91 22 6752 2000/4004 4222) and our sales team can keep them updated about our exhibitions or arrange a private viewing for them.

B&G: Do you have anything special for Brides in your collection? 
NM: Our statement necklaces such as the Sari Necklace, Scheherezade Necklace or Fluire Necklace are ideal for brides. They complement bridal attire very well and ensure the bride has a unique look on her special day.
With contemporary motifs mixed with traditional designs set with glittering stones, each piece speaks of clever craftsmanship, design and distinctiveness, that unmistakable brilliance that signifies a true Nirav Modi piece of art, that we can definitely say, that he is truly a cut above the rest.

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