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Top Three 2018 Floral Trends

With spring around the corner, we spoke to the masters at Forever Rose to get their take on the three hottest trends in flowers, foliage and plants and what’s set to continue in 2018.
Words by Ebraheem Al Samadi, CEO and Founder of Forever Rose

What can we expect in 2018? The ever faster development of technology, the climate change and the current political situation makes us realise that we need to adjust our frames of reference. As a result, we are starting to innovate and ‘radically reframe’ existing solutions. In the world of flowers and plants, the social trend towards a radical reframing is being expressed in the three style trends.

This era is shaking us out of our stupor and our society is rapidly undergoing dramatic change. We are gradually realising that we need to adjust our ideas in order to adapt our own perceptions. We feel that we’re torn between our old ideas and the new way of thinking that the world demands.

The intense era in which we are adjusting our ideas is expressed in three trends for the horticulture sector: the quest for fresh colour, equilibrium (using unusual materials) and the new rules of the games when mixing florals.

In order to get a clear understanding of the changes in style, we have examined the anticipated changes in customers’ needs via three key trends.

anastasia zhenina 66931 300x225 - Top Three 2018 Floral TrendsApricot Orange & Butter Yellow

Get ready for a surge of yellow and orange flowers being used in all types of arrangements, from whimsical summertime bouquets to minimalist fall centrepieces, there is a quest for fresh new colours. Specifically, we’re expecting to see flowers that showcase the softer side of these bright sunshine colours. If you love blush or salmon pink, try “apricot orange” instead — it’s a peachy hue that feels like a pastel but also packs a punch. “Butter yellow” is inviting and unexpected, not to mention that it’s like a dose of instant happiness for your decor. Peonies, Icelandic poppies, Juliet roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and ranunculus are some of our faves for this colour combination.

Moss Detailscrystal shaw 515203 300x200 - Top Three 2018 Floral Trends

There is a new equilibrium and we’re calling it now: moss is the new greenery. A bold statement, we know, but we’re expecting to see moss replace the lush and fluffy greenery leaves that we’ve seen everywhere in the last few years. We love moss because it brings a certain fairytale element to your flowers, and you can use it in almost every way that you might use typical greenery (and then some!). For a simpler look, use a moss as a runner down the centre of a long banquet table.

annie spratt 210720 218x300 - Top Three 2018 Floral TrendsMoody Hues

See you later, pastels and neutrals, the rules of the game have changed. One of the 2018 flower trends that we’re most excited about is the return of colour. Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, so naturally, we’re expecting to see a lot of flowers in deep purple tones, like burgundy and plum. We especially love how these darker colours look when paired with abundant greenery and nature-inspired accents, like succulents, pampas grass, curly willow, and even feathers. Add flowers in lighter purple and pink shades, such as mauve and nostalgia rose, to create an arrangement that feels dramatic, edgy and a little bit mysterious.

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