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couple in a drawing house
couple in a drawing house

Someone once said, “Home is where the heart is.”

And what can be better than sharing your home with someone who owns your heart! Moving in with your partner is very exciting but at the same time challenging! Ranging from finances to interior decor to adjusting with each other, there is so much happening! It’s a huge step which is definitely not easy. You won’t just live together in a house, you are going to make   Home  together !  So this article is for all you couples to help you to make your first house feel like ‘our’ Home.

So here it goes!

Talk Finances Talk Finances!

The first thing about buLocationying or building a house together is in simple terms, money. You both need to sit down and lay out the best plan to make sure your budgeting is right. Make sure it includes every single detail. Maybe you could try the “His, hers and ours” cash management method. Get a clear picture of what you both have and want. Imagine having our perfect home planned out but not having the finances to meet it. Oh the horrors!


Couples often discuss this crucial aspect once they have moved in together, only to realize that it wasn’t the best choice. Make sure both of you lay out all your cards, accept each other’s preferences and reach a common ground. It is very important to know what the other expects because you guys are moving in together. Learn which locations will work well for the both of you and that you can comfortably afford! This would save a lot of trouble in the future!

Prepare for better and for worse!

There are always pros and cons to living with someone. There are somethings you won’t know until you make the move! That doesn’t mean you run away from it. It is important to know how to share space and give in to a few compromises. You might find it completely comfortable to have your spouse around you all the time while someone else might not! They might be tidy or untidy; they might snore a lot or not let a whisper out. You need to be fully ready for the good, the bad and the ugly!

Sharing responsibility!

Who is responsible for the cleaning or the trash? Who will manage the bills? There are so many responsibilities! They will of course, eventually sort themselves out with time but you can always make it easier on yourselves to avoid any arguments in the future! Create a small idea on how things would work and how you both would divide the tasks among yourself.  It needn’t be a concrete plan because you can always make it fun!


The best way to make your house feel like home is to add elements of yourself in it! What can be better than coming back home after a long day and feel completely comfortable. You can personalize everything, right from the walls to the floors to even your furniture. Make sure your house feels like a combination of two different personalities that have come together to form something beautiful. Both of you have different tastes and try to accept the differences and incorporate it into your house. Remember that it isn’t anybody’s house, it is your home!

Take an inventory!Take an inventory

Before settling in together and getting into the shopping part, it is very important to know what you have and what you want to get rid of. This may seem insignificant but this is a small but vital step. What if you’ve bought everything you wanted, only to realize that you already had majority of it or that you don’t have space to keep it because you still have all your junk! To avoid all this blunder, make lists and organize it before moving to the next part.


This is either the best part of moving in or the worst and that is all up to you! Make sure both of you take part in this equally because you will create your homely environment. Find the right inspiration to get the best ideas. Have a clear idea on what you want and don’t while away time buying things you might not need. Invest in things like sturdy furniture and good home décor. Make your home feel authentic! And of course, go shopping together. You might never know what discoveries you might make about each other’s tastes!


Now that your shopping is done, it’s time to focus on the interiors! Your interiors echo your personality. Take some time to figure out how you want your inside to look. Choose the right color scheme, right arrangements that suit both your needs and ideas. If you like it, frame it! Accessorize! Think of things that are special to you as a couple and incorporate it. Make sure that your interiors truly reflect what you both represent. Experiment and have fun till you get the best look!

Personal Space!

It is understandable that once you move in together, you would assume that you both will be sharing everything. But sometimes it is necessary to have your own personal space. You don’t have to feel that you should be with your partner all the time. It is okay to have a personal spot or even item that you don’t want to share. When you’re always stuck with each other, you might feel suffocated. So, it is completely natural to have your own space, to do your own things!

With that said, remember happiness is always homemade!

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