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Glam, Gorgeous & Camera Ready!

There is no denying the power of makeup and its ability to transform natural beauty into glamorous, eye-catching gorgeousness that is ready to conquer the world and face any camera! From home essentials such as moisturisers, cleansers, toners and scrubs to industry must-haves of primers, foundations, concealers and the lot, there isn’t much that can be missed out on in makeup and its spectacular ability to enhance and augment one’s inherent beauty. Bride & Groom has thus introduced its new feature of ‘Glam, Gorgeous, & Camera Ready!’ where every issue shall present one of the region’s most renowned makeup experts and their take on different professional makeup products and must-haves (especially for bridal makeup!). This edition features Sheela Achrekar from Sheela’s Salon in Muscat! Without further ado, let’s get right into the very first feature of Glam, Gorgeous, & Camera Ready!

Housing over two decades of experience in the makeup industry, Sheela Achrekar is the dynamic, skilled, and exceptionally creative force behind Sheela’s Salon in Muscat! Renowned for her technique and style, Sheela offers brides and women alike professional celebrity makeover services for any occasion. Beckoning one and all to the lush comfort of her salon and its facilities, Sheela boasts of services tailored around the glamour, glitz and drama of Bollywood!

Of course, this is no daunting task for her, since she has worked with starlets of the Indian film industry in her illustrious career spanning 21 years!

Brimming with knowledge and technical know-how, Sheela thus shares her industry favourites for bridal and special occasion makeup that are best suited for Middle Eastern skin and beauty needs! From what makes formulas tick to interesting tips and tricks to avail of the maximum from makeup products, Sheela offers some valuable advice for all you ladies looking to find some inspiration at your dresser!

Read on and enjoy.

Sheela’s Brand Choice: Sephora
Primer serves as the very first step in makeup, since it preps and smoothens the skin to receive the products that shall be applied to the face. My brand of choice is Sephora, since it provides an ultra-smooth, non-greasy, long-lasting finish to the skin that acts as a canvas for applying your foundation evenly. It secures the makeup, leaves no residue and ensures that whatever product you are wearing appears flawless. Moreover, it keeps the skin looking fresh, rejuvenated and youthful.

Foundation base and Concealer
Sheela’s Brand Choice: Kryolan
Concealer removes imperfections, blemishes and discolourations in an instant and evens out the skin tone for a flawless, poreless finish. I have been using Kryolan as my brand of choice for concealer and foundation for the last 21 years; it is a tested and tried product that is exceptionally long-lasting and provides an incredibly smooth and hydrating finish to plump the skin and make it ready to face any camera at any moment. The tones provided by Kryolan span a wide range and are especially suited for Middle Eastern skin; the brand also houses a variety of shades for European skin types as well.

Finishing Powder
Sheela’s Brand Choice: Kryolan
The right finishing powder makes the difference between a flawless makeup look and a greasy one. Since most makeup products are infused with moisturisers and natural oils to soften and smoothen the texture of the skin, I rely on Kryolan’s makeup finishing powder as the last step in finishing face makeup. Kryolan provides a matte, super smooth and soft-focussed finish that removes any trace of shine or oil build-up on the face, leaving the skin looking airbrushed, gorgeous and camera ready.

Sheela’s Brand of Choice: MAC, Sephora, Huda Beauty and Urban Decay
Middle Eastern eyes are perfect for showing off shades of nude, browns, deep reds, rose golds, burgundies, golds and purples for a dramatic, smoky effect that is stunning. My brands of choice range from industry legends MAC and Sephora, to newer entrants such as Huda Beauty and Urban Decay’s ‘Naked’ palettes. Their hues give off an impeccable shaded finish, thanks to their excellent formula that is long-lasting. Moreover they are highly pigmented, giving the wearer the same colour as in the palettes.

Sheela’s Brand of Choice: Kryolan and Estée Lauder
By far the best form of eyeliner in my opinion is cake eyeliner wherein a drop of water is infused into the eyeliner and mixed to create a workable fluid that can be applied on to the eyelids. Kryolan and Estée Lauder have excellent cake eyeliners that are dramatically black, highly pigmented, smooth, and extremely long-lasting and provide a clean, crisp and flawless finish to bring out the colour of the wearer’s eyes.

Sheela’s Brand of Choice: MAC
Kajal pencils are an essential for creating a dramatic flair and smoky sultriness around the eye and as such, I recommend the MAC Kajal Pencil, thanks to its super pigmented colour and smooth finish. It is hydrating and non-irritating to the eyes, blends exceptionally well into eyeshadows for creating a variety of looks, and adds depth and definition to the eyes, making them instantly more attractive.

Sheela’s Brand of Choice: MAC
For the ultimate wide-eyed, doe look, mascara is an essential that cannot be done without. My brand of choice is MAC, due to its professional finish, high quality pigmentation and excellent ability to lengthen, separate, curl and darken the eyelashes in a few strokes. This also complements smoky eye makeup to create the perfect, dramatic flair, making it a must-have for bridal makeup.

Blush, Lip Liner, and Lipstick
Sheela’s Brand of Choice: MAC, B&D, and Bobby Brown
Rouge to the face can be added in a variety of forms, most popularly through blushes, lipsticks and cheek stains. I rely on MAC, B&D (a famous Indian brand that I source regularly for my clients in Oman) and Bobby Brown when it comes to blushes, lip liners and lipsticks. The shades provided by these brands complement Middle Eastern skin tones superbly and add the right burst of colour to liven up any makeup look. Also, they are hydrating, long-lasting and very moisturising.

Expert Tip: Apply ice on your face before priming to get rid of any oiliness from your skin! If you have dry skin, swap the ice for a drop of any good moisturiser before starting your makeup. This will ensure you stay looking truly glam, gorgeous and camera ready at every moment!


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