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A chat  with  Hudna  Haji  al  Bulushi 

One  of  the  most inspiring  individual  and a  well-known  wedding  planner  in  Oman  wedding scene  Hudna Haji al Bulushi  with her endless passion, is the driving force behind the  Hudna Trading. Her  energy and achievements   are  definitely a cheer  to  the  aspiring  business  women. In  her  own  words,  Hudna  describes herself as  one  stop  solution  provider  for  any kind  of  event. With a lot of enthusiasm, trademark of  Hudna,  she  shares with us valuable knowledge, and experiences in her area of expertise. She also gives us a peek into one of her new projects and we couldn’t be more excited! Take a look at it for yourself!

Tell us about yourself!

I started off initially by renting party supplies for various events like weddings, dinner parties and corporate one events . That  opened up  opportunities   to be  associated  with   bigger event management  companies  . The working and managing of events was a new aspect to me, so I learnt quite a lot by just observing the setups, the timings and a lot of things about these events.

Those days, Omani  weddings were a lot more simpler but now it’s a raging industry with a lot of focus on detailing. The challenge was almost inspiring to me. There was so much happening and I wanted to be a part of it! Once you get a glimpse of this glamorous industry, you don’t really feel like stopping.

What inspired you to start the Wedding Hall? 

My futuristic dream as such was to  open  a  Wedding Hall of  our own, so I wanted to get a feel of the  wedding industry before bringing it to life. Working  with   bigger  event  management  companies, some in Oman, some  of the  international companies  who organised  Weddings   in  Oman by  supplying  party related  item   gave  me  a  lot of  insight in  to the  wedding  industry.  The  experience  I gained  made  the Al  Masarat Wedding Hall a reality. It was a slow process but something I loved and was definitely worth it!

Tell us about Al Masarat wedding   Hall!

The Hall comes  with  all  the  modern facilities  required  for  any  kind  of  events ,  can hold at least 600 packs and has a complete classy look. There is a separate bridal room for the  Bride  to  get  ready  or relax . There are two buffet rooms interlinked to the service area, to make it easy for the service staff.   We have also set up a DJ room with its own audio system and   fixed light effects, more of the professional kind to add to the ambience. We have professionals to control this setup on the basis of customer requirement.  We  are  equipped  to provide  any  type  of  seating  arrangement    and  colour schemes as  per the  wedding  theme.

Initially we were only  renting  the  hall and in time we  added other  facilities so that we can provide full  service  if  required.  Now  we  provide  most of  the services like   the setup, backdrop, photography services, invitation cards and more in house. We provide them assistance in almost every aspect, and we became the one stop solution providers for any event.  There are set  packages  to  fit in  to  personal  choice   or budget. Recently we started a catering service,  one  of  the  most  important aspect of  any  wedding.

Tell us about the Catering Service!

My sister Meera  is a  qualified  Chef and  in charge  of the  recently started  catering  Unit ,  the  unit  will be  functional  from  this   Ramadan and it’ll definitely rain delicious flavours on your taste-buds. The kitchen was incorporated into the hall right from the beginning keeping in mind our future prospects. I wanted to take my time and have it in control.  The  kitchen  is  all  set  to  prepare wide  range  of cosines  from the traditional Omani cuisine to  most of the  international cuisines. All  set to handle  the diverse range of customers and  their  palate . We service not only  the weddings  take  place  in  our   hall but other outdoor events as well!

Get in touch with Hudna:

Tel: +96893365555 / +96899562226 / +96824455135

Instagram: al_massarat_wedding_hall


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