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Top 5 tips for a beach wedding ceremony

One of the greatest places to get married is on the beach. Seagulls chirping in the background as waves hit the soft sands on the shore while you and your loved one say the magical Yes…

But before getting to the beach you need to prepare for it. Beach ceremonies are a little bit different than the usual wedding environments. Circumstances differ quite a bit from having the wedding in a church or in a garden under tents. There is the sand, the sun and the wind. These factors add quite a change to the usual setting and you have to prepare yourself and your guest to cope with these circumstances.

So, here are five tips to make your wedding day on the beach easier and more comfortable.

1. Lightweight fabrics

light fabrics

Beaches are windy and one thing you don’t want is a Cinderella ball gown to drag all over the sands. Make your day easier and pick a wedding dress made out of light fabrics. You can take a look at materials such as crepe, batiste, brocade, silk, chiffon or damask. If you want to go into details of how each of these materials looks like,

2. Show off more skin


As you decided to have the ceremony on a beach you should take advantage of the setting and the sun, of course. Choose a dress that shows off more skin. It can be an open back silhouette, a strapless sweetheart dress or a sleeveless model that uncovers your shoulders and arms. Or you can go with the off-the-shoulder model. The choice is yours but be careful with sunburn!

3. Shoes


Shoes are a key component of your outfit. If you are having a wedding ceremony at the beach forget about high-heels. Even if you will have a stage and a catwalk installed in sands it will much easier if you with sandals or at least high-heel sandals. We recommend you to go barefoot and bring sandals or a flat shoe as a backup.

4. Accessories


Don’t be afraid to add elements to your outfit! As you wear a lightweight dress you can wear extra components such as a cape or a veil. Further on, both of these accessories would have a fashionable and a practical role. These accessories will boost your look and protect your shoulders and face from the sun.We hope these tips are helpful and let us know what you think. By the way, if you already had a wedding at beach let us know if we missed some other essential problem.

5. Guests

beach wedding

But not only you have to prepare for the ceremony! You will have guests and maybe some of them did not participate in a ceremony like this before. So, make sure you mention that the beach is going to be windy, sandy and hot. You can do a special mention on the invitation saying: “Bring appropriate shoes, watch out for hats and bring sunscreen!”

We hope these tips are helpful and let us know what you think. By the way, if you already had a wedding at beach let us know if we missed some other essential problem.

Source: contessabridal.com

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