Nina Runsdorf Presents Her Latest Collection ‘Clair De Lune’

Shades of the moon imbue Nina Runsdorf’s collection for fall with exquisite evening earrings, cocktail rings and briolette diamond necklaces. A departure from her usual colourful palette these pieces reflect the glistening brilliance of the moon with soft touches of opalescent blue moonstone and organic grey diamonds.

Nina Runsdorf conjures the powerful, feminine energy of the new moon with cabochon moonstones on 1960s inspired hoops, chandelier and shoulder duster earrings and diamond chains. Rose-cut and pavè diamonds, briolette and diamond beads surround these luminous moonstones.

“Moonstones are about new beginnings; they are transitional gems with an ethereal quality. They look gorgeous with just a pair of jeans and a simple blouse,” says Nina Runsdorf.

 Hand selected organic grey diamonds create a tonal feeling with matching hues or juxtaposing shades of faceted diamonds. Outfitted with gray enamel and paired with rose gold, seductive drop earrings evoke the romantic reflection of the moon dancing on the surface of water.

 “Every gray diamond is unique” says Nina, “I love the organic nature of these stones, some are more transparent, crystal-like or opaque. They are neutral enough to wear them day or night”.

The new collection includes the brand’s iconic Flip Ring and Flip Hoops, evening-ready organic gray diamond hoops encircled by glittering pave diamonds as well as mixed shaped gray organic diamond earrings and necklace.


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