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Jessica McCormack launches exclusive jewelry set in collaboration with Moda Oobranda

British jewelry maker will be presented for the first time in the United States luxury collection, which includes pieces unique and custom-made boxes for keeping jewelry.

Moda site is pleased to launch Oobranda Jessica McCormack jewelry luxury group in the first gathering of their business partnership. It will present Muda Oobranda, the first luxury shopping site offers its customers complete sets directly from the viewing platform, more than 40 pieces of Jessica Group distinctive carefully selected by Ms. Lauren Santo Domingo, partner in establishing the site Muda Oobranda and the Director responsible for the promotion of the mark.

Jessica McCormack is a well-known maker diamondoid jewelry taken from the Mayfair district of central London-based. Jessica McCormack designed exclusive collections of luxury handmade jewelry, in addition to innovative designs according to customers in the operator inside a townhouse of Victorian-style applications. The company combines traditional Georgian techniques of modern and ancient and diamonds to create contemporary designs in a way reflect an exceptional aesthetic. It embodies the operator of a bygone era of luxury, where inspired customers to create their own groups that reflect their style in line with the four principles of Jessica: craft, combine, and check the final result. Will Muda Oobranda guide some of the most famous brand parts, including Party Jackets Group, Rings Button Back, Earrings Gypset, to enable customers to choose their jewels own.

Jessica followed her passion for antiques and precious purposes to bring together a number of wooden jewelry dating back to the era of Regency boxes, Vtsammha fully crafted to reflect the personality of the owner. It will also feature two pre-presentation of these jewelry boxes that you can put your mark for them after buying with Jessica McCormack jewelry owned by the group. It includes two funds fund “Lovers”, a pharmaceutical mahogany box with lock and key, and the fund “Moda Operandi” designed by Jessica McCormack, in collaboration with Lauren Santo Domingo, which features the details of the copper lining of chamois green Mazraq, embroidery and pearl beads. These reflect the unique funds of its kind Jessica McCormack style featured, as fully in line with MODA Oobranda offers that focus on the selection and discovery.

“Moda site Oobranda provides design service on demand according to the highest standards in luxury online shopping, as it caters to the needs of its clients by offering professional advice on coordination. And is fully consistent this with my gaze toward the collection of people for a variety of their own jewelry and carefully selected. Always deafen jewelry can be coordinated with the pieces originally owned. I want to help customers create their own group and suitable for them: whether it is a piece old jewelry inherited from their grandmother or engagement ring is simple but carries great meaning. I find always innovative way to bestowed a modern twist on the pieces. this e My ultimate goal: to make sure that all the jewelry used and received the approbation of their respective owners. Valmjohrat are designed to last a lifetime and remember us through which our grandchildren – but we must enjoy it first! ”

– Jessica McCormack

“Jessica McCormack is designed follow its long ago, so I am excited to offer her designs and innovative bacillus on time to our customers around the world. Integrate these designed creative designs of vintage jewelry in modern pieces unique bustles feminine and can be worn many ways. It is true that jewelry serves as a the legacy of a future is always proud, but we must enjoy it today. ”

– Judy Kaplan, deputy head of department beyond the scope of clothing products at the Moda Oobranda

Prices start from US $ 5,000 / £ 3,800 / 4,300 euros / 39200 HK $ / 18400 AED

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