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GIFTING the charm of time: Gulf Jewellery House

Think back to the most memorable of gifts you’ve received. Chances are that a wristwatch will more often than not feature amongst your collection of memorabilia, making it the ideal wedding gift! Bride & Groom met with Gulf Jewellery House, one of Muscat’s longest standing jewellery merchandisers and retailer of Louis Arden watches for a quick chit-chat about this ideal gift! Indeed, being in touch with current trends, vogue and consumer buying behaviour, Mr. Vatsal Soni, the dynamic General Manager of Gulf Jewellery House shed some valuable insight on watch buying behaviour in the Sultanate, and the unique, diverse models of Louis Arden.

Tell us about Louis Arden and its relationship with Gulf Jewellery House.

Louis Arden is a well-known brand throughout the GCC, especially in Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to its wide range of models – both affordable and high-end – the brand has been a measure of our success! What makes Louis Arden popular is its diverse styles and the variety of choices available to every type of consumer, be it for personal consumption or gift-giving. As representatives of the brand in Oman, we are privy to every type of consumer need when it comes to watch buying.

So you have invaluable knowledge about why watches make the perfect gift for weddings!
In a manner of saying, yes (laughs)! There are several factors that qualify watches as the perfect gift; usually, the most important factor especially for men in this part of the world is that they do not indulge in jewellery as a form of wedding gift. That is where watches come in because they serve both as a statement
piece and memorabilia for years to come. Where women can indulge in both jewellery and watches, men solely resort to the charm and grace of watches as the perfect wedding gift.

That is probably why men house such large collections of watches in the Middle East.
Absolutely. Here in Oman, men like to choose watches based on the colour of their ring, their Massar, or the lining of their attire. Even when buying watches as gifts for men, customers pay attention to the style and model and how it can best enhance and complement the wearer and his appearance when he receives it.

The selection process for ladies’ watches must be quite different then.
Indeed. Watches for brides (or women, generally) are usually based on the jewellery they will wear, and their dress. They can be a part of her entire ensemble very easily.

What are the differences observed in buying behaviour when it comes to gift-giving and personal collections?
The most obvious one is consulting with family members and dear ones when it comes to gift-giving. When buying for their personal collection, customers usually pay attention to the detailing and technicalities of the model, and make sure that it is not similar to any other style. They pay attention to how it will best match with their wardrobe, accessories etc. When buying for the purpose of gifting, price plays the major role; customers pay attention to the detailing of the packing, the bag, and the box. It is very important in this part of the world that the packaging of the gift is as unique and beautiful as the gift contained within.

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