Diamonds for everyone! the jewelry brand disrupting the traditional fine jewelry market

The modern woman’s finest jewellery at your fingertips with Aquae Jewels

Introducing the inclusive brand disrupting the traditional fine jewellery market

 Aquae Jewels is a direct to consumer fine jewellery brand that operates from the heart of Dubai. The online jewellery retailer designs and stocks masterfully created fine pieces forged from gold, diamond and other precious stones for the everyday  modern woman.

From exquisite diamonds that pierce like the glimmers of the eye, to exceptionally high quality 18k gold that resembles a rich desert sunset, Aquae Jewels have perfected the ultimate skill, design, artistry and masterful craft of fine jewellery making. They have a selection of magnificent bracelets, necklaces, chokers, anklets, earrings, rings, bangles, body chains, and tennis bracelets within their several iconic statement collections, including, the Arabic, Black Diamonds, Princess, Timeless, Athena, Constellation, and Fairy collections.

By choosing to be an exclusively online retailer, Aquae Jewels is able to provide accessible and affordable fine jewellery at costs two to three times lower than traditional retailers to jewellery lovers across the world. The brand also ships worldwide through their e-commerce platform

“ As women, we have an intimate and emotional relationship with our jewels. Which is why we created Aquae Jewels so women could buy stunning fine jewelry, designed with real diamonds and precious stones for themselves. By being exclusively online, we have cut out the middleman, such as distributors, retail shops and staff, allowing us to provide our customers with 18k gold and diamonds jewelry two or three times cheaper than in traditional shops” says Catherine Klastersky, founder of Aquae Jewels.

See below, a selection of fine jewellery pieces from Aquae Jewels:

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