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The 5 Commandments of SAVE THE DATE

Gone are the days when announcing the news of a loved one’s wedding was done through a sole invitation wrapped around a bonbonniere!

Weddings today are privy to announcements as early as a few days after you might have been proposed to! These early announcements, more commonly known as save-the-date announcements, are usually circulated in the form of informal wedding cards after the date, time and (usually) location have been finalised.

Of course, in the hustle and bustle of planning the wedding, it is only natural that a few details regarding your save-the-date announcement get overlooked, especially the etiquette of wording it! This is not to say that your save-the-date card should be full of prim text and sombre instruction: quite the contrary if we’re being honest!

Bride & Groom has put together the 5 commandments of save-the-date etiquette for all of you looking to tie the knot soon! Pull out a pen and a notepad to jot down some of these essentials, and remember, if you have some save-the-date tips of your own, do not hesitate in letting us know at

1) Decide on who to send your save-the-date
A general rule of thumb regarding save-the-date announcements is to send them to the people you really want at your wedding. Relatives, close friends and other special people in your family naturally become the recipients of save-the-date cards. However your partner might want to send save-the-date cards to other acquaintances, so it is best to decide on the number of people both of you want to send the announcements to. Remember these are informal in nature and precede the actual formal wedding invitation, so it is easier to get away with not sending a large bunch of save-the-date announcements.

2) Decide on the right time to send your save-the-date
Up to six months before your wedding day is a good time to start circulating news of your celebration, unless of course you are having a destination or holiday wedding in which case announcing your wedding as early as eight months is a better option. This makes sure your guests do not book a holiday or make plans on the day of your wedding and can thus make it for sure! However be careful to not send it too early since it might just get cast aside on accident, nor send it too late, since then it might just as well serve as the actual wedding invitation.

3 Decide on the information you want to include
When working on your save-the-date announcements you may not have all the details of your wedding finalised and that is quite alright. What your announcement should include are your and your partner’s names, the date, time and location (the city will do, even if the venue hasn’t been finalised yet), and a notice that a formal invitation will follow. An RSVP shouldn’t be expected at this stage; after all, this is the correspondence that gives your guests the chance to figure out what their RSVP will be when the formal invitation arrives!

4 Do not rely solely on electronic save-the-date cards
It’s a digital age and while invitations for pre-wedding celebrations such as bridal showers and bachelor and bachelorette parties can be circulated through e-invites, the etiquette of printed/handwritten cards goes a long way, especially for older relatives and friends who might want to save them as keepsakes. If you do decide on sending your save-the-date as an e-invite to your guests, do make sure to send a printed/handwritten version to older friends and relatives; the charm of proper correspondence is timeless!

5 Do not worry about matching the save-the-date card with the wedding invitation
Save-the-date cards are supposed to be informal, fun and playful and need not sport the restraint and sophistication of the actual wedding card. In saying that, you have more freedom to play around with motifs and themes that can be completely unique to your save-the-date card and wedding card respectively. Both cards give you the opportunity to let your style shine as a couple; moreover, with the save-the-date you can go ahead and try out a theme you really love but are hesitant to commit to for your wedding card. Play around with colours, motifs and fonts to create something that will get your guests excited for the occasion.

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