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Unrealistic Wedding Day Expectations: How to prepare the Bride and Groom – Sarah Young

Weddings have always been a grand affair across the cultures and the regions, over the years the wedding industry has scaled impeccably to infuse fresh concepts and creative elements to uplift the longing for exclusivity among the couples engaging in nuptials. Today one of the challenges that the wedding planning industry faces is to match up the unrealistic wedding day expectations of clients who have nurtured unreasonable fetishes inspired by the weddings they have witnessed or heard of. With the advent of social media drawing inspirations have been facilitated to a great extent but at the same time it is even invoking unreasonable aspirations among the bride and groom that cannot be entertained. Spoilt with multiple social media platforms the millennial crowd hasn’t refrained from fashioning a bubble of whims that are often fulfilled with exorbitant resources and budget. Adding to the challenges of a wedding planner are reality TV shows like The wedding story, bridezillas, say yes to the dress etc. which have exhibited opulence and wedding themes to a revering standard that has often led the consumers to be captivated and expect something similar.  Read more at ……. (Embed the URL)

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