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Al Loomie officially opens

Al Loomie

The official opening of Al Loomie by Chef Salim Al Kalbani was held on April 5th 2017 under the patronage of His Excellency Ahmed Bin Nasser Bin Hamed Al Mahrizi, Minister of Tourism. In his homage to the earthiness of local Omani flavour, Al Loomie is the second feather in …

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5 stunning bun hairstyles for Summer


Summer is finally here, and what really bothers women is how to manage one’s hair during this season. Wait no further ! Here are some extremely gorgeous hairstyles that will keep you cool throughout summer and won’t compromise on your style. Try it out and stay cool this summer !

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As the OMEGA Speedmaster turns 60 this year, the brand is proudly celebrating not just the watch, but also the people who wear it. Many stories have been told of the astronauts, explorers and racing car drivers who have trusted the Speedmaster throughout its lifetime, but today, there is a …

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A Truly French Affair! By Ashley Wynne

11 2

I had the pleasure of being invited to my friend Johanna Stansfield’s wedding in France in June of this year. We went to university together in Montréal, Canada (which is where I still live), but we haven’t seen each other in many years so in addition to celebrating Johanna’s marriage …

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Raashi Wallia is the dynamic personality behind Raashi’s Makeup Studio, a glamorous makeup service provider that expedites in exceptional looks to make every woman – young or mature, independent or bridal – look her most sophisticated and gorgeous self, no matter the occasion! Boasting of advanced makeup training accolades from …

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Diorshow Pump’n’ Volume Mascara


VOLUME PUSHED TO EXTREMES Spectacular all round, this new mascara revolutionizes volume-building application, instantly creating high-volume lashes. THE 5 COULEURS PALETTE Electrify, Expose, Inflame, Magnify, Attract, Shock, Provoke…. The Couleurs is a challenge to show your true colours! DIORSHOW KHOL THE ULTIMATE SHOW-OFF TOUCH Non-volatile, this beautiful eyeliner is also …

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My invisible tattoo, My Fragrance, Mon Guerlain


Behind ANGELINA JOLIE and GUERLAIN lies a connection spanning decades, originating with her memory of her own mother’s love for a Guerlain powder, scented with iris and violet, that her mother kept among her treasured possessions. Angelina recalls its association with quality, elegance and femininity.

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Omega Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Iconic Speedmaster


Instantly recognisable and universally admired, Omega’s iconic Speedmaster marks its 60th anniversary this year, ushering in two brand new models for 2017 – the Speedmaster 38mm and the Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer. Indeed, the brand returns to its tradition of designing new models inspired from the Speedmaster icons of the …

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Patek Philippe Unveils Newly Renovated Boutique at Opera Galleria

Patek Philippe Boutique Inauguration

In conjunction with Al Qurum Jewellery, luxury Swiss watch brand Patek Philippe has unveiled its newly revamped boutique at the Opera Galleria, Royal Opera House Muscat after an extensive renovation programme! Indeed, situated within one of Muscat’s most iconic landmarks, the boutique demonstrates the brand’s values through the exceptional cultural …

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7 Steps to Choosing your Wedding Colours


Let’s face it: all of us have dreamt of wispy, Cinderella like weddings that take place in either beautiful, mural-like landscapes of sunny meadows, gardens and floral lawns, or in extravagant, lavish ballrooms that have guests going oooh and aaah at every turn of their head! And yes, we also …

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Give Yourself a Personal Makeover!

web10 2

As citizens of a world that is draping itself in the ever evolving twines and tulles of fashion, it is impossible to not want to be a part of la mode and appear our most glamourous self at all times if not runway ready! This is not to say that …

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Photography Tips for your Perfect Wedding Smile!

web15 1

Practice makes perfect so stand in front of the mirror before your wedding day and try as many smile varieties as possible that come naturally to you to decide on a couple of staples that make you look your best. Ensure that the smile you are about to show off …

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Caring for your Tips & Toes

caring for your tips and toes

Beauty is as much about your mental state of mind as it is about your physical attributes. However, what most people tend to overlook is caring for the extremities of their bodies. The extremities in this regard refer to fingernails and toenails, an indicator of overall health and hygiene that …

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Buying Bridal Apparel

buying bridal apparel

While fishing around for ideas that could uphold the bulky weight of wedding planning/shopping, we decided that it was too cliché and repetitive to do one more of those make a list articles that are so often spotted glossing the pages of bridal magazines and publications (Yes, we did one …

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grooming the mane

grooming the mane

Grooming the Mane Yes, it’s an understood fact that weddings are more about the bride than the groom, but recent years have seen a shift in global mass culture when it comes to investing on personal care and beauty during the marital season: men now are indulging lavishly on themselves …

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Ideal Way to Wear a Wedding Veil

Wedding Veil

There are many legends that can be attributed to wedding veils and why they are worn, some of which date back to thousands of years. Believed to have originated in ancient Rome, veils have long been seen as guardians of the bride against evil spirits and the eye of envy! …

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Guest Etiquette

Guest Etiquette

We have all been invited to weddings at some point in our lives and the number of tales that could be recounted of guests lacking the right etiquette and mannerisms are plentiful. Of course, stories like these make for a great evening spent indoors with your loved ones over a …

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stay fresh

There could definitely be no bigger deterrent to your self confidence than body odour if left unmanaged. Don’t worry! Sweating is a problem many of us face on a daily basis, which is usually taken care off by a spritz of deodorant. However, come forth the wedding bells, you would …

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Curtaining Advice for Newlyweds!

curtain advice

No, you don’t have to shy away from our article in case you aren’t a newlywed couple, because all of these pointers are as much suited to you as any young bride and groom who have just tied the knot! When we think of bedrooms, or for that matter, any …

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Wedding Fitness: Get in shape

Get in Shape

We’ve all heard of brides enrolling into fitness classes and keeping check on their diet before the big day arrives, but what about their significant other with whom they’ll be tying the knot? If you’re a groom that slacks on his body maintenance, it may come as no surprise that …

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Wedding Venues: Choose Wisely


Though the common assumption is that the perfect wedding should be held at the perfect venue, for many this concept does not hold affordability. Destination weddings at exotic locations and tropical getaways are beginning to see the light of day as many couples have started opting amongst local and regional …

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The Real Groom Talk


whiff of marital responsibility in the air, and most men become immune to the duties and shackles of handling a marriage, let alone preparing for one. Agreed, most weddings are typically frilly, overly fancy, and bride-focussed, and men tend to blame their lack of interest in the preparations and planning …

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Nature to the Rescue


BIt isn’t uncommon to hear of overzealous brides who test the extremes of their body a couple of weeks right before the big day in order to acquire the perfect bridal flawlessness. Starting this late on your beauty routine results inevitably in chaos, panic, and a whole lot of stress, …

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A Perfect Guest List


As has always been the tradition in the Middle East, it is the families of both the bride and the groom that assign committees within the household to barter the workload of planning the wedding. The parents and the grandparents of the bride and the groom partake in the imperative …

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Bridal make-up Do’s & Don’ts

Bridal Make up

A make-up trial is probably the smartest and best move that any bride can make as it is then that she will learn the exact shading, colours and extent of the make-up she will be wearing on her big day. While a trial is one of the best ways to …

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From ‘Will You?’ to ‘I Do!’ Reia & Garrie’s Wedding Story

IMG 1595edit

We’ve come across the most romantic of wedding stories, the most fairy-tale like engagement celebrations, and the most coveted marriage ceremonies that have had us ooh-ing and aah-ing for days on end! Being a wedding publication, we’ve glimpsed through spectacular pictures and glossy photographs of the many myriad venues and …

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WED 118

How often is that two people from two entirely different cities in the world come together, fall in love, and marry at a destination that is entirely foreign to where they originate from? This charming little wedding story of Aashna Bawa and Ankit Kapoor is sure to leave you feeling …

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Destination Wedding: Virani Wedding

Virani Wedding

The recently concluded destination wedding at Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa saw Oman, once again, being picked as the venue of choice and celebration by couples from foreign shores, as it hosted the nuptial festivities of Smit Virani and Chandni Amin in full magnificence. Bride & Groom – …

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Noni & Tom: Real Life Wedding Stories


18th October 2013 Date of the Wedding When did you both meet? The first time we met was at a music festival on the Nasimi Beach in Dubai. We really hit off and spent hours sitting on the sand and talking to one another. Despite best efforts to get in …

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Sameera Al Harthy: Real Life Wedding Stories


1996: Year of the Wedding Tell us about your first meeting? The first time we saw one another was at the marriage of my aunt and his uncle. Because we were related, we could talk easily to one another. We knew each other for four years before we got married. It …

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Real Life Wedding Stories


Real Life Wedding Stories An every culture around the world, wedding trends have changed over time to suit newer lifestyles and ways of living. With traditional nuances being the stronghold of every country, some practices have long disappeared to be replaced by newer ones from other places. To see how …

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Oman’s Fashion Find! Sherin Mansoor Fashion Designer

Sherin Mansoor

During one of our routine scan for designers in the region we stumbled up on a unique and refreshing talent, when we started talking to her it got even more interesting, here is an individual quite admirably we’d say, made her way into the fashion arena with merely her exceptional …

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Behind Mosaic Events with Krupa Khimji


Spirited and inspiringly dynamic, Krupa Khimji is the powerful and enterprising force behind Mosaic Events, one of Oman’s high profile event management companies that has carved a niche for itself in handling extravagant destination weddings here in the country! The Managing Director of the company, Krupa is a firm believer …

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Say ‘Yes’ at the Muscat Hills

muscat hills

There is nothing quite like the romantic ambrosia that envelops a wedding held in stunning meadows and lawns on avenues that are serene and tranquil, very much like what the Muscat Hills, Oman’s 18 hole, 6383 meter golf course, has to offer couples looking to tie the knot in open …

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Your Dream Wedding Dress buy it from Contessa


Finding your dream wedding gown can be as much of a pleasure journey as it can be a hassle! Right from deciding on the style of dress you want to wear, the fabric you want it to be, the shape and fit you’re looking for, down to the very minutest …

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The unparalleled Sanjeev Kapoor


Adored by a following in the millions, this gastronomical superstar first rose to fame on Indian television with his much loved cooking show, Khana Khazana in 1993, which is still running to date and is famed for being the longest running show of its kind throughout Asia, with over 500 …

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Seven Generations of Grandeur : Gehna Jewellery Boutique


Timeless and irrevocable, Indian jewellery is as much admired today as it was in the days of the Mughals and Rajputs who made it a point of reference in the jewellery history of the entire world. Kanan Naheta, the charming owner of the Gehna Jewellery Boutique in Dubai believes that …

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Say ‘I Do’ with Zahrat Al Rose

centerpieces flowers choys flowers hendersonville nc florist wedding centerpieces pictures

Come forth the big day, and nothing could spell stress more than wedding planning! As a soon to be bride or groom, you would want your function to be an unforgettable experience that passes through smoothly from start to finish without any unnecessary jitters or mishaps. To ensure such an …

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The Dried Lemon: the Centre Piece

Passion and a flair for being unique are the two mantras that went into creating Chef Salim Al Kalbani’s the Dried Lemon, partnered by his zealous wife, Amal Al Khaburi. Having kick started their culinary dream in 2012 with the inception of this innovative business, both husband and wife ventured …

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Amjad Iqbal Al Lawati

Having the wedding you’ve always dreamt of is now easier than ever before! Thanks to Bank Muscat’s Zaffaa Marriage Finance programme, you and your loved one can avail complete monetary support and discounts on vendor services to host your big day. Sporting a logo of a couple holding hands to …

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Getting Candid with Ania James

ania james

Think of weddings, and the sole mementos of the affair are the photographs: beautiful, memorable, and timeless. A wedding photographer by specialization, and based in the Sultanate, Ania James is a name that has garnered fame and acclaim since 2010 for bringing out pictures that speak more than a thousand …

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Anand Dawda: creating this fabulous Events

Anand Dawda

  What made you choose Oman as the destination for the Virani wedding? The destination was chosen by the family. The Viranis are travellers, and they wanted the wedding to be held in place that wasn’t far from India, which could bring together all of them easily. They weren’t keen …

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The Last Minute Interior Designing!

lastminutes MD

No, we are not encouraging you to leave the designing of your new home to the last minute! In fact, Last Minute is the very original and creative title of one of Muscat’s leading interior design companies, that was established about three years ago and quickly garnered recognition for its …

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Rania Boutique: A Touch of Class

Raina Boutique

Enthusiastic about life and its challenges, and a passionate pioneer for women to follow their dreams, Naashiah Saud Al Kharusi is the effervescent president of the Oman Women’s Association in Muscat and is a State Council memberas well. alongwith being an active freelance telecommunication consultant, she is also the proprietor …

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Mrunal’s Boutique: The Fairytale begins here!


Mrunal Khimji, the extremely passionate and zealous force behind the success of Mrunal’s Boutique in Oman, has a flair for being different and unique in her creativity. Mrunal looks to bring her love of her roots and ethnicity into her designs for the fashion conscious customer. This vivacious personality harbours …

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Tasneem Al Sultan: Wedding Photography


Give us a brief about your career and what made you take up photography? I used to take elective classes in photography while teaching ESL and English Literature in the USA and later in Bahrain, since I enjoyed it as a hobby. After shooting weddings for two years, I finally …

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Colette Anderi A Successful Business Woman


With her unwavering passion for the wispy, pearl white glamour that accompanies her bridal dresses, Colette Anderi has become an acclaimed name in the Sultanate. Hailing from Lebanon, Colette started off with a degree in Audio-Visual Communication from the St. Joseph University. Her interactions with the world of glamour and …

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How to choose your WEDDING PLANNER

Wedding Planner

If you ask your Mom what does she remember about her wedding, 8 out of 10 will remember what went wrong on their wedding day. If you cannot enjoy the most important day of your life, what is the use of spending so much? For a grand occasion as wedding, …

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Deema Designer Collection


It is a dream for every woman to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day. And if the jewelry she wears reminds you of the exquisite jewelry that adorned Princesses and Royalty, it will truly make her day even more memorable. We met someone who can make …

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A Cut Above Nirav Modi

Nirav Modi8

Son and grandson of old world cutters, Nirav Modi started in the diamond industry at his age of 19 and subsequently diversified to the design and manufacture of fine jewelry. His rare heirloom pieces are created to be passed on to future generations, as the maharajas did in the years …

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Chandal Events Hearty Celebration

Chandal Events

Chandal is an Omani-Bahraini company that is specialized in organizing public and private events. They strive for excellence to distinguish themselves as leaders in event management in the Sultanate. Their choices embody elegance, a style that is especially desired by the Omani market. The advantage of having a Bahraini partners …

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Colette Anderi a name behind the white dream


The show stopper of any wedding is the bridal gown, its every girl’s childhood dream , all the planning revolves around that one beautiful piece. This is the day that any lady demands perfection and glamour. And it starts from finding her Cinderella wedding dress. But why travel far and …

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Simply Stylish

web11 1

Avishmita a Fashion and apparel graduate of NIFT, Gandhinagar in India will be our quarterly columnist. Having worked with a wide variety of women as a professional stylist, dressing them often from head to toe, she brings a deep understanding of diversity to the issue. Avishmita has worked with a …

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Bearing new Tidings at Al Murjan!


Renowned for its distinct ambience and inimitable style in hosting an array of luxurious events and functions, the Al Murjan Hall bears new tidings this New Year’s with offers to truly enhance the experience of customers looking to have their dream occasion turned into a reality! Indeed, with a commitment …

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web2 3

Formerly known as the Oman Dive Centre, the Muscat Hills Resort stands as the newest development under the Muscat Hills Group of Companies, launched on the 20th of November, 2016 to mark the 46th National Day of the Sultanate. A new landmark in the hospitality industry, the resort is located …

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HORMUZ GRAND HOTEL Gets Incorporated Into The Elite Quorvus Collection

web 1

The Hormuz Grand Hotel, Muscat was recently inaugurated at a glittering event that also celebrated the hotel’s incorporation into the elite Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group’s Quorvus Collection under the patronage of His Excellency Ahmed Bin Nasser Bin Hamed Al Mahrizi, the Minister for Tourism, and dignitaries from the Omani Government …

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Chopard’s Valentine’s Day Collections!

web5 1

This Valentine’s Day, Chopard introduces unique, amore-inspired items in its signature token of love collections for those looking to revel in the joys of gift-giving and memory-making! Happy Diamonds Joaillerie Uniting the delicacy of flowers with the romanticism of poems, the Happy Diamonds Joaillerie is framed by an 18-carat white …

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Unveils New Horological Smartwatch Collection


Traditional luxury Swiss watch company Frederique Constant unveiled its latest Horological Smartwatch earlier this January at an elegant breakfast hosted at Fortnum & Mason in Dubai with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons! Blending modernity with classicism, the Horological Smartwatch embraces the coming of wearable tech and features health related functions to …

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Add A Touch Of Purple Passion


Add a touch of purple passion to your attire with GC’s feminine collections that embrace the latest trend of purple and stylised flower details! Indeed, incorporating stunning hues of sophisticated plum purple and deep burgundy in its PVD bezels and croco-embossed leather, the GC Floral Dream collection stands in a …

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Renowned watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer and automotive powerhouse Rinspeed have joined forces in the launch of the visionary concept car Oasis, a fascinating interpretation of the electric car, perfectly designed for city life! The vehicle was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early this year, which also …

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HE SEQUENTIAL ONE S110 DUO & S210 CHRONOMETER by MANUFACTURE CONTEMPORAINE DU TEMPS Celebrate Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps unique conceptualisation of watchmaking this winter with the Sequential One S110 duo and the Sequential Two S210 chronometer, a revolutionary tribute to raw strength, subtleness and scientific evolution. Sequential One – S110 …

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The RADO TRUE A Watch to Love for a Lifetime


Share the love this Valentine’s Day with the Rado True! Crafted from high gloss, scratch resistant high-tech ceramic, these His & Her timepieces are gifts that stand the test of time. The classic round shape of the 30 mm Her timepiece is enhanced by its polished plasma high-tech ceramic construction …

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web4 1

HUBLOT DAZZLES WITH ITS 2ND MENA CAMPAIGN FEATURING FRIEND OF THE BRAND RAGHEB ALAMA Luxury Swiss watch brand Hublot’s second Middle East and North Africa advertising campaign, following its usual ‘first, different and unique’ motto and featuring Friend of the Brand Ragheb Alama recently made headlines, thanks to the unique …

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GIFTING the charm of time: Gulf Jewellery House


Think back to the most memorable of gifts you’ve received. Chances are that a wristwatch will more often than not feature amongst your collection of memorabilia, making it the ideal wedding gift! Bride & Groom met with Gulf Jewellery House, one of Muscat’s longest standing jewellery merchandisers and retailer of …

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web7 1

In tribute to the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and celebrating a long time partnership with the Middle East’s leading retailer of luxury Swiss watches Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, RJ-Romain Jerome introduced a limited edition set of 7 exclusive timepieces called the DIFC-DNA in November of last year.Known for its …

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A new perspective on mechanical art, Maestro by Christophe Claret is inspired by the excellence of the master-watchmaker. Sleek in style and epitomising mechanical power, the piece stands at the crossroads between aestheticism and technicality, showcasing an original take on the horological creativity of Christophe Claret. Available in 5N pink …

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Weddings, Memories And More With Al Jarwani Hospitality


As much an occasion for celebration as it is a planning marathon, having one too many hands for your wedding may not be as rewarding as having a single, all-encompassing solution that offers an A-Z service list! That is where the Al Jarwani Hospitality Division comes in with its range …

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The 5 Commandments of SAVE THE DATE


Gone are the days when announcing the news of a loved one’s wedding was done through a sole invitation wrapped around a bonbonniere! Weddings today are privy to announcements as early as a few days after you might have been proposed to! These early announcements, more commonly known as save-the-date …

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Amouage Launches Bracken Woman Exclusively in Oman


Amouage launched its exquisite new creation Bracken Woman exclusively in the Sultanate ahead of its worldwide release earlier this January for aficionados and discerning connoisseurs of the brand! Inspired by the heady and light-hearted pleasures of the Summer of Love, the fragrance is an olfactory tribute to nature and the …

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Inspired by the spontaneous energy and downtown style of New York City, the new Coach Eau de Parfum for women is an amalgamation of contrasts that opens with ringing notes of sparkling raspberry before giving way to a core of creamy Turkish roses. Drying down to a sensual Suede Musk …

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J’ADORE by Dior


Dior recommends J’adore for all brides, irrespective of the kind of wedding they may be celebrating, because J’adore is a representation of absolute femininity! Having always aimed to make women more beautiful and happier through its creations, Dior presents J’adore as one of its finest products, apt for all brides …

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pink CASHMERE from Bath & Body Works!


Treat your skin with a cloud-like new fragrance that will send you straight to heaven. Introducing Bath & Body Works’ newest fragrance is soft, pretty & a dreamy blend of blushing jasmine petals, sheer white amber & softest cedarwood musk. Wrapped in a perfect packaging that reflects the season of …

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Glam, Gorgeous & Camera Ready!

web33 1

There is no denying the power of makeup and its ability to transform natural beauty into glamorous, eye-catching gorgeousness that is ready to conquer the world and face any camera! From home essentials such as moisturisers, cleansers, toners and scrubs to industry must-haves of primers, foundations, concealers and the lot, …

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Life Yoga Happiness with Shilpa Bhatt


Designed to Marriage is a divine union, an institution where two individuals come together and live life to enjoy the bond of family. Two families, their values and thoughts, bond together from this union, and a new generation is created to enter the world. In the past, great attention was …

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A Peek Into Sadzdesign With Sara Al-Zadjali!

web9 1

Sara al-Zadjali is the vivacious yet entrepreneurial spirit behind SadzDesign, her Italian-inspired Omani fashion venture that lends to the women of the region handbag collections to evoke chic, vintage beauty photoshoots of Italian summers in classic colours and Zadjali-typical gold straps! Bride & Groom had a run into with Sara …

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Deema, the Pride of Oman, renowned for its classic collection of designer jewellery and top of the draw linen, is now on overdrive mode. Seeking to grow the ‘ Made in Oman ‘ brand to a global audience, Deema has now appointed Her Highness Sayyida Basma Al-Said to be the …

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Celebrating Wedding Cheer at Al Loomie

web8 2

Luxurious in ambience and stunning in detail, the Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel is home to the newly launched eccentric five-star dining experience of Al Loomie that beckons couples seeking a traditional ambience to celebrate their wedding cheer in! Rich in exquisiteness and featuring a contemporary, modern hum, Al …

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Soak In at the new MUSCAT HILLS RESORT!

web2 1

Formerly known as the Oman Dive Centre, the Muscat Hills Resort stands as the newest development under the Muscat Hills Group of Companies, launched on the 20th of November, 2016 to mark the 46th National Day of the Sultanate. A new landmark in the hospitality industry, the resort is located …

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