Oman’s Fashion Find! Sherin Mansoor Fashion Designer

During one of our routine scan for designers in the region we stumbled up on a unique and refreshing talent, when we started talking to her it got even more interesting, here is an individual quite admirably we’d say, made her way into the fashion arena with merely her exceptional talent!

Innovating and experimenting with an international flair, Sherin Mansoor is a home based fashion designer in Muscat who has participated in a number of high profile events worldwide, including the London Fashion Week, the House of Ikon in Hollywood, and the Tiffany Fashion Show in Paris.

Read on to learn more about her beginnings, the processes she employs in creating her unique pieces, and what she hopes to accomplish in the near future! Aspiring designers, we now take this opportunity to say: ‘That’s how you do it!’
You are one of the rare designers who come strong only through their talent!

I have had a passion for designing since my childhood; I was around 13 when I stitched my own very first dress.

So you have been designing for a long time. How did you gain recognition in the professional world?
It all started with my Instagram page in 2013, my Son opened a instagram account for me to showcase my designs and to simply share them around. Within a short time itself I had gotten two invitations from London to participate in fashion shows which I at that time declined citing personal reasons. However, my curiosity was piqued and I decided to participate anyway, which was the best decision I had taken because they announced me as the winner of the show! I won on my bridal dress, which was a fusion of western, Indian and Arabic designs. This is how the world of fashion opened its doors to me.

Do you have a workshop with people to assist you ?
My workshop is me and i am the sole operator of it. Whenever I receive material, I picture the design in my mind and start working. The difference is that I do not sell my designs here in the market; I merely showcase them in fashion shows.

How would you describe your style?
I usually create Indo-Western designs. I also add a lot of Arabian flair to them!

Tell us about the fashion shows you’ve been showcased in.
I received an invitation to Cannes last year, as well as this coming year in May. There was another event I attended in Los Angeles where one of my designs was very much appreciated. I recently participated in the London Fashion Week and the Hollywood Fashion Week. Usually I show case around 12 to 15 pieces of my designs in my shows .

Where do you source your material from?
Usually from the places I travel! I find it is much easier that way. Of course, I source a lot of material from Oman itself!

We’re told you have designed for some celebrities as well!
Yes, and they have loved wearing them. Judy Fitzgerald who is Miss Ireland wore one of my pieces during the Cannes Film Festival! Shannon Aspell, celebrity award presenter also wore one of my dresses during the Los Angeles Jolla International Film Festival; Lenka Josefiova, Miss European Tourism for 2015 wore a piece of mine for a beauty pageant in Malaysia. Jessica Clavette, short film producer, was donned in one of my creations for the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival while a famous Nepali actress was filmed for a song in a dress I had created!

What are the three main points women should keep in mind when it comes to choosing a dress?
I have had many women approach me for having evening dresses designed and I always ask them to keep in mind their skin tone, their body shape, and the shade of the colour they’re opting for. These three points are very important in fashion designing.

Are you looking to enter the fashion market here in Oman anytime soon?
I hope so! Oman is a lovely country and the women here are very aware of the latest fashion trends, so if all works out well, I would surely love to cater to them on a large scale. Email :

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