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Finding your dream wedding gown can be as much of a pleasure journey as it can be a hassle! Right from deciding on the style of dress you want to wear, the fabric you want it to be, the shape and fit you’re looking for, down to the very minutest of details and embellishments, we’re very sure that when it comes to visiting a bridal boutique, stress levels are quite high! Or so it would seem.

Behold, Contessa, a luxuriously plush boutique for brides that offers dresses that complement not only the lady in question, but also current à la mode and worldwide fads. Launched in 2009 by Mohammed and Rola Contessa has rapidly escalated into one of Dubai’s more popular showrooms for women to come in and try on as many gowns as they require; meaning, a dress shopping experience like no other!

We decided that it would only be fair to have our readers learn of all that Contessa has to offer, and so we visited the boutique for ourselves, only to be very impressed, very captivated, and very decided that if brides are looking for glamorous designer clothing a stone’s throw away, Contessa is the place to visit!

Tell us about Contessa.
Contessa is a modern boutique for brides and all women that offers a wide selection of bridal gowns as well as evening dresses that complement fashion trends and elegance. As a family business that operated in retail in various industries over the last 30 years, today Contessa is one of the United Arab Emirate’s leading bridal gown boutiques and serves another 12 countries in the Middle East region. The boutique works closely with a number of high end designers in New York, Milan, and Paris; it also provides private designer shopping consultancy for key clients with an ample budget.

How is Contessa different from other bridal boutiques in Dubai?
We have access to more than 250 wedding gowns, all in stock, so as to make brides feel comfortable and confident in choosing their gown from Contessa.

Contessa actively works with its suppliers to ensure that it stays updated on new styles and have them in stock, especially in the case of brides coming in and wanting a wedding dress ordered immediately (usually lesser than a month).

We provide exceptional customer service as well as professional assistance on the phone to ensure that every bride gets exactly what she is looking for.


Moreover, Contessa has a team of professional tailors that provide in-house alterations and customizations at the behest of the bride.

Do you provide bridal accessories?
Absolutely. Contessa carries a wide variety of different tiaras, headbands, fascinators and headpieces by different designers that have been made out of the highest quality steel-alloy and approved Swarovski crystals. Our variety in accessories distinguishes us amongst all our competitors.

Talk us through a typical bridal appointment at Contessa.
Brides are firstly given a warm welcome into our boutique; we ask some questions to fill out a quick enquiry form. This helps us to better understand the bride’s needs, budget, and so on.

The bride is then offered a tour of the boutique and shown the dresses; she can make her own selection or opt for us to give her the right choice on her behalf. Brides can try up to seven gowns in one appointment.
The reason for trying to minimize the choices is so we can maximize on the style without confusing her. You can call us on – 04 3649280

What would you say is Contessa’s most rewarding experience?
Probably the clients’ testimonials and smiles! And especially if they share their wedding moments with us. You can see more on

What brands do you feature?
Justin Alexander, Signature by Justin Alexander, Ersa Atelier, Maison Gevrin, Ines di Santo, Grace Taylor, Maxime Couture, Yolan Cris, Lillian West, Sincerity Bridal, Sweetheart, and many more.

What advice would you give soon to be brides when it comes to selecting their gown?
Follow your heart, and decide on your own. Don’t wait for opinions, as too many will confuse you; everyone’s style is different and it’s YOUR big day!


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