Behind Mosaic Events with Krupa Khimji

Spirited and inspiringly dynamic, Krupa Khimji is the powerful and enterprising force behind Mosaic Events, one of Oman’s high profile event management companies that has carved a niche for itself in handling extravagant destination weddings here in the country! The Managing Director of the company, Krupa is a firm believer in being the initiator and motivator of every project she handles, as well as the stronghold of goodwill and personal connections with her clients. Keen, aware and very vibrant, we caught up with this charming personality one blustery December afternoon for a chat about Mosaic Events, the work they do, and what they offer for couples looking to tie the knot in Oman!

Give us a background of Mosaic Events. How did you get into the field?
Mosaic Events started in the December of 2010. I had just gotten married and moved from Mumbai to Muscat. Having always had an inclination towards events and organising them, I met with Karen Green one of the founders of the Green Sapphire Ball, and joined in with them to help out. That’s how I learnt the way events here in Oman work.

My sister in law and the owner of Mrunal’s Boutique, Mrunal Khimji, encouraged me to get into events as she saw my inclination towards them. She recommended me to Minal Khimji to do my first commercial event. It was a grand affair and bolstered my confidence to take up more projects and get in touch with more suppliers. I’m proud to say that it was my family who gave me the first push to venture into the professional aspect of events, and from then on the ball started rolling.

In the last few years I have received a lot of interesting projects including my very first destination wedding, a fashion show for Signature Magazine with Masaba Gupta and Varun Bahl, and a concert for Kailash Kher at the Qurum City Amphitheatre! Recently I also handled the décor and giveaways for the Women’s Guild of Oman Annual Crystal Ball. We do everything from corporate events, concerts, weddings, charity events, anniversary bashes and birthday parties at Mosaic Events.

That’s a big line up of events that Mosaic manages!
Indeed. The thing is that we never say no to any new project. In fact, in February 2016, we are handling an event for 40 entrepreneurial delegates who are coming in from all over the world. It’s a 7 day itinerary that we are taking care of, from coordinating their meetings to handling their schedules, introducing them to local business icons, etc. It doesn’t end only at corporate events for Mosaic; we go beyond that and encompass everything. Anything that the client wants is our calling card!

Tell us about your role in wedding planning.
We can do everything from A-Z for weddings, including the logistics of it; if it’s a destination wedding or guests are arriving from different parts of the world we can handle the visas, itineraries, booking of hotels, transportation etc. If it is to be an traditionalKrupa Khimji wedding we can handle all the cultural and religious requirements, the décor and items for the same. There is nothing we cannot do when it comes to wedding planning. Gifts, favours, return gifts, presents as well as helpers for wrapping them – you name it, we do it! We are fully equipped to do anything the client requires; if the client wants us solely for one aspect of the wedding or event, say for example, lighting and décor, we can do only that. It’s all based on the client’s needs.

What makes Mosaic Events different from other event management companies?
I’d say it’s our personal connection with our clients. You see, we don’t want to be another run off the mill event management company; we believe in doing things differently. The clients we handle ultimately end up becoming our friends, so much so that we start visiting one another’s families! We are very transparent in everything we do; the client remains informed every step of the way. Seeing our clients happy is what makes us want to serve them with our personal touch even more.

What about the early processes of wedding shopping and gift selections? Do you handle those as well?
Absolutely! We’ve had families who’ve come here a couple of times before the wedding and they’ve wanted to go to the souqs to check out the gifts and items, etc. We always send someone to show them the many places Muscat has to offer, including date shops and supermarkets.

How early do clients approach you for destination weddings here?
About 4-6 months before the big day takes place is the ideal protocol for the destination weddings I’ve handled. The thing about destination weddings is that the clients themselves have to plan beforehand, even before they approach us. When they do come here, I show them around, I acquaint them with our services and profile in terms of what they can expect and the things they want; after identifying the basic requirements of location, functions, and timing, we move onto the themes and try to understand what it is that the client likes. That leads on to the sourcing and collecting of materials; basically this is where the bulk of the planning takes centre stage. This is the main execution that puts the whole event together. We always want the best for the client; in saying that we are very flexible and cater to every demand the client may have.

Do you source materials locally?
We source them locally as well as internationally. We have a list of suppliers from various places; we also bring in entertainers from different parts of the world to add another dimension to the wedding! There have been Indian weddings here where we’ve customised items back in India so there is no saying no to meeting the client’s expectations. As I said before, it’s all about fostering that personal connection.

So is there the mingling of Omani culture with elements of the weddings you plan here?
Yes, of course. There is always some Arabian element in the weddings I’ve handled so far. It becomes a unique, very interestin g blend that features elements typical to Oman, or even international ones. I myself am a great fan of fusions so I tend to put together elements and varieties from different countries together in my work.


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